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Welcome to the Official Website of the 29th Bomb Group.

Bombers on the Prairie - B-29 Museum Inc. Organization located in Pratt Kansas USA. - The mission of the B-29 Museum Inc. organization is to celebrate the history and to document this experience of Kansas Army Air Fields and their influence on associated communities during WWII; and to compliment and contribute to the Pratt All Veterans Memorial Complex as a community resource and gathering place where we observe, explore and preserve this story for future generations.

  • Everyone is well aware that Joe Chovelak (29th Bomb Group Historian) has spent many years and countless hours preserving the history of the 29th Bomb Group. On April 25th, his archives and all his years of hard work was handed over to the B-29 Museum Inc.

June 2009 Newsletter

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 - It is with great sadness, I must report that the 29th Bomb Group had its last Reunion. In attendance was 40+ Veterans and 150+ family members and a great time was had by all!

Please click here to visit USA Today for an article on the reunion.

Now, back to the opening... What do you mean this was the last Reunion? Well, the 29th Bomb Group Association no longer exists. It was dissolved by it's board due to the aging of it's members and the hardships it was putting on the members. Let it be known, with the ending of one era, another shall begin. The families, children and friends of the 29th Bomb Group feel strongly about carrying on the group in one capacity or another.

Announcements, including an all new, interactive web site will come soon!

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