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Name: Robert Carter Deal     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2018
Comments: Proud Nephew of CPL Rhys O. Carter Ser. No. 13103261 who served as a Air Operations Specialist 791 with the 29th BG on the island of Guam in 1945.

Name: Robert Carter Deal     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2018
Comments: Proud Nephew of CPL Rhys O. Carter Ser. No. 13103261 who served as a Air Operations Specialist 791 with the 29th BG on the island of Guam in 1945.

Name: Robert Little     Date Posted: Jul 15, 2018

Name: Ben Hamilton     Date Posted: Jun 06, 2018
Comments: My dad Thomas Hamilton from Tn served in AAF 20th 314 as a part of the 93rd radar with 28 members LT Reynolds, LT Sugrue, LT Zacherias as officers how do I find bomb group he was attached or did they float?

Name: George Pettit     Date Posted: May 28, 2018
Comments: Greetings, my great uncle, CPL James Pettit, served with Captain Neas on 42-65301 as a right gunner. His plane, along with the rest of the crew, were lost on a Tokyo mission on 10 March 1945. My uncle was the only survivor. He was captured and was later killed in captivity about 7 weeks later.

Name: Ben Hamilton     Date Posted: May 27, 2018
Comments: I am looking for info on my father Sgt Thomas Hamilton who was in the 20th AAF 314th Wing, but I don't know what wing. How do I find which BG he was a member?

Name: Jo Gordon     Date Posted: Oct 09, 2017
Comments: My father Robert Earl Gordon died 9/28/2017. He was 29th Bomb Group, 314 Bomb Wing, stationed in Guam. I am wondering, how many are left from his group from Guam? How many are left from the 29th Bomb Group? I thank you for your time. Best regards, Jo Gordon

Name: John Marc Leffler     Date Posted: Sep 12, 2017
Comments: Grandson of Hal L. Leffler, City of Grundy center still active on this site! He was 43d Bomd 29thBG. Be well All.

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017
Comments: FYI - Cedric Fowler passed away April 15, 2017. He was 100 years young. Mr Fowler was a proud member of this organization.

Name: Jerry Cress     Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
Comments: I'm helping a family friend look up info on her dad's plane. B29, City of Long Beach. WW II, Would love any information anyone has.

Name: Elizabeth     Date Posted: May 26, 2017
Comments: Joseph Paetz, 29th bg,1944, was my uncle. my father's brother. was killed in the Dallas crash.

Name: Bobbi Combs     Date Posted: May 01, 2017
Comments: My Dad Was Bob Combs he was with the 29th Bomb group 314th Bomb wing. He's passed away now and I wondered if any of his men were out there who remembered him

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Apr 12, 2017
Comments: I attempted to post this last year, but access to the guestbook was down. Cedric Fowler, ground radar and a well known person at the reunions, celebrated his 100th birthday last fall. His daughter asked if we could spread the word for us to send him greetings. His address is 7525 Rosegate Dr., Apt. 150, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Ced would love to hear from all. His lovely wife, Dorothy, passed away last spring. Thank you.

Name: Trace Hepler     Date Posted: Apr 08, 2017
Comments:  My Grandfather GORDON HEPLER was in the 20th USAAF 314th Bomb Wing/69th ASG. I have many letters, company newspaper FLYING TIMES, and some photos. Also the 314th book that was published in 45. Respects to all who served. Anyone with photos or info on my Grandfather?

Name: Trace Hepler     Date Posted: Apr 08, 2017
Comments: My Grandfather Gordon Helper was in the 20th USAAF 314th Bomb Wing/69th ASG. I have many letters, company newspaper FLYING TIMES, and some photos. Also the 314th book that was published in 45. Respects to all who served. Anyone with photos or info on my Grandfather?

Name: Sam Watkins     Date Posted: Mar 17, 2017
Comments: Son of 1LT Marvin S. Watkins

Name: Joe McCarthy     Date Posted: Mar 11, 2017
Comments: My Dad, Bob McCarthy, wishes all visitors to the 29th BG Guestbook well. He is last living member of Harry Hayes' crew .. tail-gunner/35 missions. ... checks his email every day in case one of you might send him a note. Thanks so much! Joe McC Dad: bobmcc45 (at) g mail

Name: ROGER TUCKER     Date Posted: Feb 27, 2017

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Feb 12, 2017
Comments: Hello to all again, I see we don't have a ton of posts....a plea to all observers of this site...retain our history and tell your story...thank you to our web maintainer for your work......ok Joe Monesmith please ring me anytime. I interviewed you for my book and visited you years ago, my how time goes...I would love to chat again ....716 602 7745...please always, Thank you so very much for your service and bravery for us all...Tim

Name: Joseph Monesmith     Date Posted: Feb 06, 2017
Comments: Hi from Joseph Monesmith (94), Flight Engineer, 314th, 6th, Square O, #4 from 3/9/45 through 8/14/45.

Name: Lisa     Date Posted: Sep 11, 2015
Comments: Looking to find how to locate information on crews/aircraft of the 28th Bomb Squad on Guam 44-45. My father was there as a remote control turret gunner but I don't know what aircraft.

Name: Ron Suder     Date Posted: Aug 22, 2015
Comments: Thanks to all that served.

Name: Tom Schubert     Date Posted: Jul 28, 2015
Comments: Trying to gather information regarding my Uncle who was in the 29th. He was part of the Watson crew Right Blister Donald L Schubert. Thank you

Name: Rolfe L Hillman III     Date Posted: Jul 13, 2015
Comments: Hello, Have some info on your downed crew: The USS Razorback (SS-394) rescued these crewmen from the 29th BG 1LT J.Z. Keske 2LT J. P. Duffy S/SGT A. J. Liberi 2LT C.J. Duveen 489th .. #42-24809/29th Group "Mascot 51" Got this from the ship's patrol log, the Submarine Lifeguard website, and a website that lists the USAAF, USMC, and USN downed aircraft. Hope this helps. Have a good USAAF day. V/R-R RLH3

Name: Charles Beach     Date Posted: Jul 05, 2015
Comments: I'm doing some research for a friend. Looking for info and photos of S/Sgt. Ralph Griffing of Pennsylvania. Any help is appreciated

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2015
Comments: Where's Ben Robertson????????????? Is he dead or alive???????

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2015
Comments: I would love photos from Pratt of the 29th BG. Thank you, Milt. Shawn Offutt

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Jun 03, 2015
Comments: The 29th Bomb Group Exhibit is now ready for viewing at the B-29 Museum in Pratt Kansas. If you want to see some photos, email your request to the address associated with this guest book posting. Thanks to all who have contributed to our efforts especially Joe Chovelak.

Name: Mark H Lambert     Date Posted: May 28, 2015
Comments: My dad was a member of the 52nd Bombardment Squadron on Guam in 1944-45.

Name: Shauna Shapiro     Date Posted: May 08, 2015
Comments: I recently found my late father's discharge papers from WWII which list him as a Technical Sgt and his job as Flight Maintenance Gunner 748 . His name was Harry O'Connell and he was part of the 29th Bomb Group in the Asiatic -Pacific Theatre. I know nothing about his service -he never spoke of it so am wondering if there is info available to help me research this part of his life.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2015
Comments: Remembering Cpl. Robert Sparks and the entire Wyatt Crew that were lost 70 yrs ago today....will always remember you guys with honor....thank you for your honorable service!!

Name: Lisa Sarrach     Date Posted: Mar 06, 2015
Comments: I contacted your group a few years ago about finding out more info on my Dad's service. I've discovered that he was assigned and discharged from the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron-24th Air Depot Group which is under the banner of the 314th Bomb Wing. On his Separation of Service documents it doesn't mention that but the 29th Bomb Group. You had stated you had no record of him and I bought the CD. Is this information more helpful in my desire to find out more about his service? Thank you, Lisa Torgerson, daughter of Capt.Gerald E Torgerson

Name: Joanna (Jodi) Miller     Date Posted: Mar 01, 2015
Comments: My Uncle Ralph. Middle name was Edward, but this is him! Same service#01-170-497 Anyone who was in this crew or served with him, or a family member? Would be honored to hear from you

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Feb 01, 2015
Comments: Hello to all,been awhile. On February 2nd 2015,70yrs.and 25days since he was lost, MasterSgt. Warren Allen will be honored and remembered at Arlington National Cemetary in an event his son Frank Allen worked hard to achieve. MS Allen was lost with 15 other airmen of the Ward crew, and they have yet to be found. Frank Allen was barely a year old at the time. Master Sgt Warren Allen, 29bg 6th sq..Thank you for your service,Godspeed

Name: Robert McCarthy     Date Posted: Dec 29, 2014
Comments: Kimberly Maxcy please contact me ph. 503 705 3391 I've been trying to get you for 2 years

Name: Milt Martin for B-29 Museum     Date Posted: Dec 13, 2014
Comments: We are building a 29th Bomb Group Exhibit at the Pratt Museum. Displays include lost crew names, 29th BG history, Red Erwin story, Joe Chovelak's role in preserving history plus photos of crews. If you have any memorabilia/artifacts to add to this exhibit, please contact me. Thank you all.

Name: curt perry     Date Posted: Dec 10, 2014
Comments: My father Captain Earl M. Perry died on September 23rd 2014.He was the 29th Bomb Group Radar Countermeasures Officer. He flew all his missions with the John Jolink crew

Name: S Smis     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2014
Comments: I wanted to share some photos I have that were in the 330th archives. Hoping you have some 330th shots as well. Please advise.

Name: Kimberly Maxcy     Date Posted: Oct 21, 2014
Comments: Message for Bob McCarthy, tail gunner for Harry Hayes. I have a flask from Tientsin, China with Harry Hayes's name on it. It has a dragon on one side and his name on the other. Is there anything you can tell me about this? Thank you for your service! I have three grown children currently serving in the USAF. Best regards, Kimberly

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Oct 20, 2014
Comments: Still kicking and longing to hear from any 29er. Bob McCarthy Harry Hayes tail gunner for 35 missions

Name: Minoru Kamada     Date Posted: Oct 13, 2014
Comments: Hello, I am Minoru Kamada in Tokyo. I know two B29s for your group were lost over Nagoya on April 7, 1945. I am wondering if 42-65350 was rammed by a Nick for 5th Sentai, IJAAF. Do you have any comments from 2ndLt. Melvin L. Green, Sergeant William E. Price or Sergeant Siegel Leroy ? I read an article that a B29 was rammed by a Japanese fighter over sea which is too faraway from the City of Nagoya. I am badly puzzled.

Name: Georgia E McDermott     Date Posted: Oct 05, 2014
Comments: S/Sgt Lester Shelters was in M 13 City of Saint Paul B-29. He was my sister Frances Symons' fiance. He was shot down 6/26/1945. Died in July 1945.

Name: Michael Picioccio     Date Posted: Aug 06, 2014
Comments: My Dad was Carmine Picioccio, Radio Operator in Levinsky's crew in the 6th squadron. I've been remiss in letting you know that my Dad passed away on June 25, 2009. He attended all the reunions beginning with the second one the group had. I had the opportunity to attend the 1999 Atlanta reunion with him, came right home and told my brothers that they HAD to come to the next one - it was awesome and awe-inspiring to sit with these heroes and hear their stories. My brothers and I attended with my Dad in 2001 and 2003 and some of us went to New Orleans. My sister even joined us all at the last reunion in 2008. It was such a great experience and we learned so much about this time in our Dad's life that we never knew before. I know he loved attending and he loved helping out - getting hat orders together,helping resolve issues with the hotel that came up, etc. As weak as he had gotten by Sept 2008, he was not going to miss the opportunity to be there one last time. On his behalf and on behalf of my siblings, thank you for all you did to help make sure this group's heroic efforts will not be forgotten.

Name: Eric Wisser     Date Posted: Jul 27, 2014
Comments: Remembering my uncle and mother's brother, Harvey S Hampton (1922-1984), PFC, 69th Air Service Group, 29th Bombardment Group. We salute the brave.

Name: Brian Jorgenson     Date Posted: Jul 13, 2014
Comments: My dad, Thorman D. Jorgenson, was a left gunner on the B29 Arkansas Traveller, shot down on a successful run over Tokyo on May 25, 1945. He and 8 of his crew were held as POW's until August 29, 1945. Glad to see people are still interested and keeping the memory of they heroic guys alive.

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Jun 08, 2014
Comments: Hello everyone Hayes crew, tail g. 43rd sq.

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Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2014
Comments: Remembering Cpl. Robert Sparks and the entire Wyatt Crew who were lost 10Mar45 on a raid to brave men will always be remembered!!

Name: Jim Jendro     Date Posted: Feb 22, 2014
Comments: Raise a glass to James C. Jendro, Sgt. 35747224, armorer, 314th Wing, 29th Bomb Group, 6th Squadron, who passed away on Feb. 7th, 2014.

Name: Ken     Date Posted: Feb 11, 2014
Comments: Does anyone know who to get ahold of Joseph Savko?

Name: Keith Ouellette     Date Posted: Dec 10, 2013
Comments: Son of CCM Sgt Rosaire J. Ouellette

Name: curtis perry     Date Posted: Nov 25, 2013
Comments: My father, Captain Earl M. Perry, was Group Radar Countermeasures Officer for the 29th Bomb Group. He was a Captain at the time and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Name: Kim King Stout     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2013
Comments: Happy Veterans Day to the 29th Bomb Group. I miss my Dad, Glenn King, so much and he loved being part of the 29tth. You are heroes and our nation will never forget. We won't let them.

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Nov 03, 2013
Comments: Hello everyone from B ob(Mick) McCarthy tail gunner For Harry Hayes crew. Our crew finished our 35 missions a week before the first ABomb was dropped. I'm 89. The only still alive from my crew. The only 29th group flyer I have contact with is Ben (Robbie)Robertson who I call about every month. Very eager to hear any 29th comments specialy from 29th combat flyers

Name: James F. Purdon, Colonel, USAF (Ret)     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2013
Comments: Son of James Kirby Purdon, CFC, B-29 Neas Crew, KIA over Tokyo, Japan, March 10th, 1945.

Name: James F. Purdon, Colonel, USAF (Ret)     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2013
Comments: Son of James Kirby Purdon, CFC, B-29 Neas Crew, KIA over Tokyo, Japan, March 10th, 1945.

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Aug 27, 2013
Comments: Served as a ground based radar mechanic ,summer of 1945, in the 314th Wing, 29th Bomb Group, 6th Squadron. Would love to hear from any old buddies Surely, some are still around.

Name: John Heckert     Date Posted: Aug 15, 2013
Comments: My Great Uncle was Ground Crew Chief on The Johnson Plane..Sgt. Joseph Lockevich.

Name: Craig Dean     Date Posted: Aug 15, 2013
Comments: 68 years ago today, members of the 29th BG made their first peacetime landing on North Field Guam. Target was Kumagaya. Craig Dean son of SSGT Thomas A Dean, CFC on City of Plainville

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Jul 23, 2013
Comments: Regarding aformentioned Ruth Orkin photos: The Pratt Ks Walmart has donated the money needed for Medal of Honor exhibit and associated educational booklets. Thanks to folks at all Walmarts.

Name: Masaccio     Date Posted: Jul 10, 2013
Comments: I echo a quote from my good friend and proud Navy veteran, HM2 Dane R., ... "I was born a generation too late." Masaccio, MSgt, USAF (ret) 68-88

Name: Kim King Stout     Date Posted: Jul 02, 2013
Comments: My father, Percy Glenn King, passed away on June 24, 2013. He was very active in the reunions and the Wright-Patterson Plaque. He was a hero. We miss him. We wanted to share this with the 29th family because he loved you all so. God Bless.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2013
Comments: I have been corresponding with the Ruth Orkin studio to obtain 14 early photos taken by Ruth Orkin in 1948 from a Coronet magazine article that she produced. The article is about the Simeral Crew of the 29th Bomb Group. Red Erwin, Medal of Honor recipient, was a member of this crew. The article is about each member of the crew and what they were doing in 1948 after the war (including Red). They are asking $500 (VERY reasonable) for the photos and I am looking for "Sponsors" to help with the costs. The photos will be used in our B-29 Museum for an exhibit about the Simeral Crew and Red Erwin's Medal of Honor. If you know of anyone who wants to help with this effort please contact me. Milt Martin, Digital Archivist, B-29 Museum Inc.

Name: Paul Scofield     Date Posted: Jun 26, 2013
Comments: This is my father's outfit My best wishes to all who served. I have many pictures if anyone is interested.

Name: Paul Thomas     Date Posted: Jun 19, 2013
Comments: Excellent website. My grandpa was the radar for the 29th BG 52nd SQ Vertal Crew, Cecil Thomas. It's wonderful to see that their history has been preserved!

Name: Michelle Oswald     Date Posted: Jun 18, 2013
Comments: Hello! My late grandfather's name is Cecil Theron Thomas, and he served with the 52nd Bomb Squadron, 29th Bomb Group as part of the Vertal Crew. His aircraft was named "Character Carriage" and he served as it's Radar operator. As far as I'm aware, his plane took part in the most effective and destructive air raids of Tokyo and other major cities that contributed greatly to Japan's surrender. He was a skilled artist, and we are lucky to have a large record of his drawings and sketches depicting his plane, landscapes in Guam and other islands, and some of the flora and fauna of the area. I'd love to upload these images or distribute them somehow for this group. If anyone has any further knowledge of my grandfather or the crew he served with, I would love to hear from you. - Michelle Oswald, Granddaughter

Name: Keith F Cuomo     Date Posted: Jun 09, 2013
Comments: Thank you for this site. My Uncle was Lt William R Fredericks. I have a picture of the crew taken on Guam shortly before they were downed 5/5/45. If you want I can send it? I am building a model of the B29 and I want to make my uncle's plane. Is there any way to find out what the AC # was? I have the AC serial #. Was there any correlation between the serial # and the AC #? Thank you.

Name: Karen     Date Posted: May 08, 2013
Comments: I am new to this site. I am trying to locate any information on my father who passed away at 53 from lung/brain cancer. His name is Joseph Kessler: 28th Bomb squad, 19th bomb group, 314th wing, 20th AAF. He was trained (combat crew) in Kansas July 1945, moved to Clovis July 7 left for Guam July 27, 1945. He was trained B-29 heavy bomb group, was a tail gunner weighed 135 lbs) he also was a painter and may have painted nose art. I have a picture of him with a plane "Miss Carraige" and standing with Crew 154 in New Mexico. Any help would be very appreciated.

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Apr 27, 2013
Comments: Correction. The Bomber Wing is 314th not 341st.

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Apr 27, 2013
Comments: Hope this finds all of you well. I'm still trying to confirm the serial number for the Green Hornet. Again, it's 341BW/29thBG/6thBS. It is numbered Black Square O 15. Based on Robert Mann's book, I have narrowed it down to about 8 numbers. Can any of you confirm if any of these correlate to the Green Hornet? They are: 42-93916 42-93920 42-93930 42-94009 42-94013 44-69677 44-69699 44-69776 Thanks so much. Shawn

Name: James Christopher Lingerfelt     Date Posted: Apr 23, 2013
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone on Andy's (Holly W. Anderson) crew.

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Apr 19, 2013
Comments: All, the mystery of the Green Hornet is solved. It is from the 29th Bomb Group, 6th Squadron. The crew I had listed originally was not correct. They were from the 19th BG. Unfortunately, we had two Carlsons in both groups and that led to the mistake. Special thanks to Jason Van Ness who has been an invaluable resource and provided me with the information on the crew and plane. I am still trying to determine the serial number for this plane and it is one of the "City Of" planes but without serial number I dont which city. It also has a yellow O in the black square which is not as common either. Jason's father was Nicholas Van Ness who was the Bombardier on the flight. Thanks again. Shawn

Name: Jason Van Ness     Date Posted: Apr 18, 2013
Comments: Carl A Carlson was the Navigator on the Green Hornet. Shawn, I have a copy of the Award letter for Distinguished Flying Cross awarded to entire crew. Will email it to you tonight. Nick Van Ness (my father) was bombardier

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Apr 15, 2013
Comments: Well, I have reached an impasse. I have identified the Green Hornet as a B-29 in the 29th BG based on the photo from Gary Givens. Thank you, Gary! The conundrum is that the crew I originally identified as matching the names for the crew is a crew from the 19th BG. It is the John C. Miller crew that was on 44-69673 and went down over Yokohama on 4/16/1945. MACR 13925. Thanks to Tim Bryant and Leslie for confirming that Hugh Carlson is not the Milk Run Carlson that is clearly seen in the photo I have of the Green Hornet. That leaves Gene Carlson who was part of the Miller crew. Can someone tell me if crews were transferred between the 19th and 29th? Just trying to figure out why a crew is listed with the 19th BG but the plane is clearly part of the 29th. Both were of the 314th BW and on Guam. Thanks, Shawn

Name: Leslie Bryant     Date Posted: Apr 15, 2013
Comments: Hi Everyone, I'm posting for my husband's uncle, Hugh J. Carlson. He flew on The City of Newark, and his position was CFC, in the 43rd. He flew about 24-25 missions on this plane, and then flew another 10-11 on another plane because there were no replacements. The second plane had no name that he can remember, he said it was new. Hugh was the youngest member of his crew, and he's 87 now. He also mentions that when he was discharged, he was one of the youngest people seen in a So. Calif. discharge center to have enough points to get out of the service. Thanks Shawn Offutt for bringing this site to our attention!

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Apr 11, 2013
Comments: I am looking for any pictures of the 29th life on Guam.....any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Name: Gary Givens     Date Posted: Mar 24, 2013
Comments: To Shawn Offutt: Can you provide the picture you mentioned of your grandfather and his plane? My father was a U.S. Marine on Guam and I may have a faded photo of him standing by the plane, I cannot make out the nose art plane #may be 0-4 thanks

Name: Shawn Offutt     Date Posted: Mar 19, 2013
Comments: I have a photo of my grandfather who was based on Guam in Spring/Summer 1945 with a B-29 with the name Green Hornet. Does anyone remember this plane? It had a crew member named Milk Run Carlson, and pilots named Johnny and Bennie. Another crew members last name appears to be Brown. I can provide a copy of the picture for anyone wanting to see it. Thanks, Shawn

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2013
Comments: Remembering the crews that were lost 68 years ago today.....may they all rest in peace!! You will be remembered always!!!

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 05, 2013
Comments: I just finished reading "mission To Tokyo" Robert excellent book!! I felt as if I were put right into the missions that our brave boys flew....its highly recommended!!!

Name: Nancy Wood     Date Posted: Feb 20, 2013
Comments: If possible I would like to correspond with Col.John Yak. I just read is page and see he was with Ferry Pilots at Rosecrans St.Joe MO. Hopefully, he knew my father who was also there. If anyone else has info on Rosecrans personnel, I would appreciate being contacted. Thank You .. Nancy

Name: Nancy Wood     Date Posted: Feb 13, 2013
Comments: I am hoping to find any data for Gary Hansbrough who I believe was 1st present Rosecrans Field, St.Joe MO and then transferred to ??? in South Dakota. I suspect he died before the end of WWII while still on Duty. I will be grateful for any information. Thank You in advance

Name: Nancy Colley Pritchard     Date Posted: Jan 29, 2013
Comments: Looking for my fsthers (William Clyde Colley) Bomb Squad information. Guam, South Pacific Okinawa 1943-1945. He was a gunner/bombadeerand in charge of 5 planes. Talked a lot of these days to me that is. Thank you.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Jan 25, 2013
Comments: I would like to hear from you Mr.William relative Cpl. Sparks was in the 52nd Squadron..he was in The Wyatt Crew.....wondering if you ever dealt with them?

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Jan 23, 2013
Comments: I would like to hear from any member of this group. As a radar mechanic I greatly appreciated the flight crews and saw much of their valor right there on the base in 1945.

Name: sue Nass     Date Posted: Nov 28, 2012
Comments: My dad, Don Nass, says that William MacMurdy must have been on Kossick's crew during training in Pratt. Dad became a part of the Kossick crew in January of 1945 a couple of months before they left from Pratt for Guam. Except for the AC, Kossick, being replaced by Carter, they had no new members of the crew the whole time they were in Guam.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Nov 20, 2012
Comments: Wanted: Photo or data about William L. MacMurdy who flew on Carter Crew. His granddaughter wants to know more ...The Prairie Bombers Record Center in Pratt would appreciate any responses. Thanks.

Name: Andrew Fiedler     Date Posted: Nov 09, 2012
Comments: Looking at the history of the 29th. My grandfather Hugh A.Dickinson served with the 29th in Pratt, KS & later in Guam.

Name: Keith Youngquist     Date Posted: Oct 19, 2012
Comments: It saddens me to inform your group that Henry (Hank) Youngquist has passed away this October 15th, 2012. He lived a long and wonderful life and spoke so often of his great times with his buddies of the 29th bomb group and the reunions. He is now with his wife Jeanne of 64 years who preceded him in death. Her name was emblazened across the nose of that faithful and sturdy B-29 that always returned her crew home. May God bless Henry and all of you.

Name: Lana     Date Posted: Oct 02, 2012
Comments: I am looking for any information about anyone who served with my grandfather. He was "314 Bomb Wing, 30 Bomb Group, 6 Bomb Squadron"

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Oct 01, 2012
Comments: For those of you have not heard, my wife of 61 years ,Betty, died peacefully at home last week after an extended illness. Many 29th Bomb Group Association members and supporters will remember her as the bubbly redhead at most reunions

Name: Robert Baker     Date Posted: Sep 17, 2012
Comments: My father, SSG Robert M. Baker (AKA "Bake") was a crew-member on City of Portland at North Field, Guam. Thanks to all who served.

Name: Haziq Zahir     Date Posted: Sep 08, 2012
Comments: Great website!

Name: Ron Suder     Date Posted: Sep 06, 2012
Comments: My father-in-law was in this group I just found out and am tracking down the history of this fine group of men.

Name: vernon hettesheimer     Date Posted: Aug 22, 2012

Name: Ann Loray Bartels     Date Posted: Jul 14, 2012
Comments: My father was a Bombardier,1st Lt, John Edward Bartels. My father was not sent to the Pacific, instead he worked on reconfiguring the aircraft for the Atomic program drops. I have his year book and can scan the page of anyone in the 44-12 Carlsbad NM class , he also trained at Wright Paterson and at Tyndall..anyone heard the name. Dad never spoke of his time in the USAF,and his brother was assigned out of the country I would like to connect with anyone who knows the name Bartels.

Name: Warren Sephton     Date Posted: Jun 03, 2012
Comments: Uncle Warren was tail-gunner 314th BW 29th BG 52nd sq - plane lost 15 April 1945 - Kawasaki raid- Crew was subject of Colliers Aug '45 article "The last time I saw them" by Lt. Corey Ford Interested to get more info - have only a few photos of burial site & buddist monk that performed rites/burial of the crew -

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: May 27, 2012
Comments: I just read a comment below by my daughter, Kim Stout. I was indeed in the 29th Bomb Group and for the last few years was a member of the 29th Bomb Group Association where, as one of the Directors, had the sad duty of helping dissolve the association. While in the association my wife and I felt honored to represent the associatin by obtaining a 20th BG Plaque and hosting a mini-reunion to present the plaque to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. The guest speaker was a friend of ours, General Charles Coolidge, whose Dad was a Medal of Honor recipient in WW 2. The plaque can be reviewed on this web site (clik on Wright-Patterson).

Name: William Bernard, Jr     Date Posted: May 21, 2012
Comments: I was a navigator assigned to the 73rd Bomb Wing. When the 73rd was sent home my crew, without enough points, was sent to the 29th Bomb Group, 52nd BS. With little to do, I helped build a new outdoor movie theater.

Name: Kim Stout     Date Posted: May 20, 2012
Comments: My Dad, Percy Glenn King, was a Radio Operator on a B29 in the Pacific. 52nd Squadron. Pilot was Hank Younquist. God Bless and thank you to everyone in the military. Freedom certainly isn't free. Thanks Dad.

Name: Mary Trussell Duty     Date Posted: May 07, 2012
Comments: Father was on the ground crew of the Musser plane and the one other that survived the war.

Name: CURTIS PERRY     Date Posted: May 03, 2012
Comments: My father is Earl Perry. He was Group Radar Countermeasures Officer for the 29th Group

Name: shawn huey     Date Posted: May 01, 2012
Comments: I'm familiarizing my self with my fathers service. Charles C. Huey, Bombardier, ship 568 "Character Carriage" , 52d Bomb Squadron, 29th Bomb Group Guam February 13, 1945 - Aug,1945. Working through his diary now

Name: Dave Thomas     Date Posted: Apr 26, 2012
Comments: I am looking for any information on 2nd Lieutenant Donald A Morrison 0-766028 that was killed over japan Feb 1945 along with all his crew. He was a member of 505 BG, B29-#42-24815 Deaner Boy. Any information would be greatly appricated, thank you.

Name: Stanley Jones     Date Posted: Apr 18, 2012
Comments: Just discovered your wonderful site. My mother, 91, is the sister of Clarence P. Holman, Jr. (nickname Jabo) of 43rd BS mission #40 shot down March 10, 1945. Originally from Brewton, AL. If anyone reading this served with him she would appreciate hearing any memories. Thanks & God Bless.

Name: ronchittenden     Date Posted: Apr 06, 2012
Comments: looking for info on VERN ZACKMAN radar operator on the ready teddy...he was my father in law

Name: Craig Dean     Date Posted: Apr 02, 2012
Comments: Michael Myers: looking forward to hearing from you. We talked briefly some time ago. Your Grandfather was my Dad's A/C on Madolyn II(aka City of Plainville) I have some memorabilia of Quenton Leonard, his right seater(pilot). Hope you and yours are well.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Apr 02, 2012
Comments: Need help in identifying members of Smithson Crew, See photos posted to Bombers On The Prairie History Facebook Group.Thanks.

Name: Nan Luke     Date Posted: Mar 17, 2012
Comments: My brother Scott told me about this website. Our dad, Tedddy Edward Luke was a B-29 co-pilot in the 29th Bomb Group in Guam and Tinian. Dad is alive and living in northern California. I understand Scott has emailed a picture and notations of the names of the whole B-29 crew when they shipped out from Florida in May 1945. Can't wait to see it on your site.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2012
Comments: remembering with Honor Cpl. Robert L. Sparks and The Wyatt Crew who were lost over Tokyo on will always be remembered!! God Bless you all!!!

Name: Angela Hammond     Date Posted: Mar 09, 2012
Comments: I am researching my grandfather Harry J.B. Dalton, he was with the 43rd bomb squadron, 29th bomb group.. I dont have much to go on other than he was a airplane power plant mechanic. thanks all

Name: Wayne Rigby     Date Posted: Feb 01, 2012
Comments: My Uncle Seth Rigby was a member of the Watson Crew KIA 4/16/1945. Thank you for the information.

Name: Denny Cole     Date Posted: Jan 31, 2012
Comments: I am researching Melvin B Asp, He was the first Executive Officer of the 29th and traveled to macDill Field where he served the same capacity untill he became Commanding Officer of the 44th Bomb Group at MacDill and then became Base Commander at Drew Field in Tampa. Thank you for your efforts to put this site together to document the history of these great people and events. Denny

Name: Patrick Kelly     Date Posted: Dec 29, 2011
Comments: My father, Staff Sergeant Paul E. Kelly, was a radar operator in the 29th Bomb group. He passed away in 1984 when I was 18. I am now trying to tell my son about his grandfather. We are building a model B-29 and I would love to figure out if there is a way to determine which plane he flew in. Are those records kept somewhere?

Name: Bobby Thomas     Date Posted: Dec 05, 2011
Comments: Greetings Brothers, it is a pleasure for me to sign your guestbook. I belong to the Beach Front Square and Compass Club located within the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi. Many of our retired military men were at one time or another stationed in Guam. We invite you to visit our Club and to leave a few comments if you like what you see. Most of our Master Masons are over the age of 70 and are retired from either the Navy/Marines/Army/Air Force/Coast Guard and have served the USA and military for 20+ years.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2011
Comments: Mr. Gregg, please contact me (via email) for more information about the Kowalcyk Crew.

Name: Bob Gregg     Date Posted: Nov 09, 2011
Comments: I have photos of my dad's. He passed a year and half a go.He was in the 314th bomb wing,flight eningeer,Ben Kawljack's crew,plane 0-39. 34 missions, received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Name: Michael J Netherton     Date Posted: Oct 04, 2011
Comments: Thanks to you I know know why dad feared death. He was replaced by another bombadier on the Fritschel Crew on April 14, 1945. The plane crashed and all were KIA. Dad cheated death.He lived with that all his life and never discussed with anyone. The result of his survival is that he fathered 2 lawyers a teacher and an engineer.Dad died on Jan.14 1995 His wife of 50 years died Jan 1 2009. she nevered mentioned to any of us dad's fear but we all knew.If anyone has pictures or info they would like to share with me I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your service and the gift you gave me and my sisters.Regards Mike Netherton

Name: Rene Netherton     Date Posted: Oct 04, 2011
Comments: I have stumbled upon this site quite by accident, and discovered that my father, Clarence Netherton, was one of only two crew members to survive the crash of the Battlin Boomerang in February of 1945. My father has since passed away, and was wondering if anyone had any information as to why my father and another were not on the plane when it crashed!

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Oct 02, 2011
Comments: Still kicking. Be glad to hear from anyone. Tail gunner Harry Hayes crew

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Sep 07, 2011
Comments: Work continues on the Museum Project at Pratt Kansas. Search Facebook for "Bombers On The Prairie" for recent updates. Thank you to all who have contributed to this worthy effort.

Name: William Elenitsky     Date Posted: Sep 07, 2011
Comments: I was doing research on the 314th Bombardment wing stationed at North Field, located on the Island of Guam (APO-334)

Name: Timothy P. Vogt     Date Posted: Sep 04, 2011
Comments: My father, Capt. Robert Vogt, Pilot and his crew, Norman L Ellis, Clement F Huddleson, Miller L Chestnut, Wallace D Burtcher, Robert K Knight, Charlie C Fields Jr., James S Livingood Jr., Lawrence T McConlogue, Kenneth L Halcom and Anthony J Corcoran arrived at Guam in early August 1945. Serving with the 6th Bombardment Squadron he (and I assume his crew) was credited with a single combat mission on September 2nd. This was the show of force mission during the surrender ceremonies. He last logged flight time on October 10th 1945. My father passed away in 1975 before I was old enough to understand the significance of his service to the country. I am left with many unanswered questions about his service, his station and aircraft. I am in possession of all of his his WWII orders and flight logs which have allowed me to construct his training and war service history. He was aircraft commander from the time he arrived in Guam until November 3rd when he was reassigned as Wing Operations Officer until his return to the USA in mid December. I also have 7 pictures of what he called his aircraft, B-29 42-24917, NIPP ON ESE NIPPER aka City of Oklahoma City after it crashed (it ran long off the end of the run way) on November 2nd. Since in those pictures the aircraft displayed 41 missions, and the name Red under the pilots window, my father's aircraft was obviously flown by another crew or crews before him. I have discovered that at least 35 of these missions were flown by Capt. Frank, Red, Klassen and his crew. Another 5 missions may have been flown by forward echelon Detached Service (DS) crews assigned to the 346th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force Okinawa assigned to the 29th Bomb Group. The 41st mission being the show of force on September 2nd. I would love to talk to any surviving member of his crew or any family member of his crew or any one else who might have stories or images about my dad and his aircraft.

Name: Willis P. Van Jr     Date Posted: Aug 28, 2011
Comments: My father, Willis Perry Van, passed away last December at 89. He was the AC of crew 43-11 in the 29th Group May-Aug 45. He raised three sons and two daughters. Retired as a Major in USAF. He was my Hero.

Name: Art Fayta     Date Posted: Aug 21, 2011
Comments: I was a radio operater on the B29 Lucky 13 On Tinnan, 19 boming missions.

Name: Jon J. Hansbrough     Date Posted: Aug 20, 2011
Comments: I am the nephew of Wiley S. Munsey, killed in Ac #42-65312 14 Apr 1945. I have learned a lot from your website. I was a B-52 navigator and spent 30 years in the AF.

Name: Gerald W. Holland     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2011
Comments: While doing family research I discovered that my Uncle Earl M. Monk was a crew member on B29 #42-94013 6BS 29BG. I am interested in learning everything I can about the vital role the 314TH BW had in our country's history. Gerald W. Holland

Name: Norman Simpkins     Date Posted: Jul 25, 2011
Comments: I was in 331st group on Guam

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: Jul 08, 2011
Comments: It is with great sadness for my wife, Betty, and I to hear of the death of Naomi Mitchell. She was one of our favorita friends for many years even though we didn't get to see her except at reunions and other B29 Functions. I met her in Seattle at the 50th Anniversary of the B29 shortly after learning of the existance of the 29ih Bomb Group Association. Harry was head of the group and the two of them took me (and Betty later on) under their wings so to speak. We had some great times togther with them and their son, Cliff, and his wife, Donna. One would think that after all these years we would get used to losing friends including most of my crew, but it never gets easy, especially with special individuals. Naomi was a key supporter of the 29th and will be missed by us survivors. We do wish Cliff and Donna the very best. Glenn and Betty King

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Jul 06, 2011
Comments: ndependence, MO - Naomi L. Mitchell, 90, Independence, Missouri, passed away July 5, 2011. Services will be at 10 a.m., Friday, July 8, 2011, at Carson-Speaks Chapel, 1501 W. Lexington Ave, Independence, MO 64052; interment at Mound Grove Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, at the funeral home. The family suggests contributions to the B-29 All Veterans Memorial & Museum, c/o Jack McCalley, 1303 School St., Pratt, KS 67124 or NorthCare Hospice, 2900 Clay Edwards Drive, #2, North Kansas City, MO 64116-3233. Naomi was born December 6, 1920, in Independence, Missouri, and lived there most of her life. She was a Licensed Practical Nurse who worked at Kansas City General Hospital, which later became Truman Medical Center. She enjoyed her family and grandchildren, working in her flower gardens, crocheting afghans, bird hunting and traveling. She was a member of the Ridgewood Congregation of the Community of Christ. She helped in the planning and organization of reunions of the 29th Bomb Group and accompanied her husband to many B-29 crew reunions throughout the country and Japan. Naomi was preceded in death by her husband, Harry F. Mitchell; daughter, Rosalie Collins; grandson, Matthew Price; two brothers and three sisters. She is survived by son, Cliff Mitchell and wife, Donna, Cleoria, OK; daughters, Barbara Jones, Kansas City North, MO; Jean Price and husband, Greg, Jacksonville, NC; granddaughter, Nancy Butterfield and husband, Charles, Independence, MO; nine other grandchildren; twenty-seven great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Condolences may be sent to the family at : Arrangements: Carson-Speaks Chapel, (816)252-7900.

Name: Mark Edward Andrews     Date Posted: Jun 29, 2011
Comments: Hello my father Edward Andrews was with this group,I have several photos of him and a lot of documents he had,including the printed diary intact.I have little information of what planes he was in,when I was younger and asked him about his time he always responded "War is Hell" that was the usual answer.He did tell me later on he was a radar/radio operator in the B-29.He did have some of those radios in the basement at home in Arlington,MA.He came from Cambridge,MA.If anybody knows of him please contact me.Thank you all who have served and gave there lives so that others may have freedom!!!

Name: Joe T. May     Date Posted: Jun 29, 2011
Comments: I am researching T4 Frank H. Driver of Timberville VA who died in Osaka Prison Camp 22 March 1945. I am absolutely delighted to find your web site. Joe May, Leesburg, VA

Name: Kathleen Gray     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2011
Comments: Oops! I forgot to tell you my father's name! Lt. Col. James E. Keeler. His home was Kansas City, MO. He was in Guam from January, 1945 to October, 1945.

Name: Kathleen Gray     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2011
Comments: My father was a Flight Surgeon, HQ 314th Bomb Wing, 29th Bomb Group.I would love to get in touch with any Medical personnel that might have worked with him, or anyone who knew him. Thank you so much!

Name: gary ackerman     Date Posted: Jun 17, 2011
Comments: i was wondering if anyone has information regarding my grandfather. he was 2nd lt.john e. moore. he was a b29 pilot and was lost march 10th, 1945. the whole crew was lost. i have some photos that the government sent us of his squadron in flight over mt. fuji but i can't be sure which if any are his actual plane. and i have no idea which crew he was in. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless. all gave some and some gave all

Name: Marsha Jorgenson     Date Posted: May 30, 2011
Comments: My father was Thorman D Jorgenson. He did talk to us from time to time, especially around the dinner table. His plane, the Arkansas Traveller, was shot down over Tokyo on a bombing mission. He spent the last 3 months of the war as a POW in a Japanese camp. He told his story over a tape cassette and my mother transcribed it to paper and my brother put it on the computer. Should I send his story somewhere for the archives? Any one who can help me with this?

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: May 14, 2011
Comments: WW II Photos needed of activities at PAAF. We are working on producing a booklet similar to one produced for Kingman Army Airfield. To see example, search Google for "Kingman Army Airfield Museum" then click Trip Thru ...Email digital copies to me for the Pratt Museum project. Thanks.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: May 06, 2011
Comments: Mr. Heath, "Backwards Into Battle" by Andy Doty contains info about your father who was A/C on B-29 City Of College Park and will answer some of your questions. Its about the 19th Bomb Group

Name: Michael Heath     Date Posted: May 05, 2011
Comments: My biological father was Talmadge Marion Heath, O-436051. Can anyone give me any info about him, unfortunately, except for some photos I know nothing about him and I just found this website.

Name: wayne calder     Date Posted: Apr 25, 2011
Comments: should have given more info on the b 29 the natrual it flew out of guam on 30 missions from apr 1945 to about aug 1945

Name: wayne calder     Date Posted: Apr 25, 2011
Comments: my dad was in the 29th bomb group 314 wing 20th air force was a radio operator in b 29 called the natural anybody have any info on that plane

Name: Jim Townsend     Date Posted: Apr 14, 2011
Comments: The B-29 is a large airplane, but the men who flew in them were bigger.

Name: Maryanne Kelly     Date Posted: Apr 07, 2011
Comments: My uncle, Sgt.Charles T. Connolly of Dunellen/Piscataway New Jersey was the radio operstor with the Buttfield crew stationed on Guam. Their plane was shot down on a misson over Nagoya,Japan on April 7, 1945. I believe the Crowcroft crew was lost during the same mission. They were listed as missing in action for several years,but in late 1949, their remains were located in a mass grave in a Japanese cemetery. They were eventually interred together at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis. Before his death, my uncle spent 9 months in a military hospital in Kansas, being treated for a tropical disease. He was offered an honorable discharge just about the time things were getting very hot in the Pacific. He refused to take it because he saw so many men with children risking their lives.He believed returning to action was the right thing to do. His last letter to his mother written several days before his death reveals he didn't believe it very likely he would make it home again. I never met my Uncle Charles, but I'm so proud to be his niece.

Name: Jennifer Janson Kirby     Date Posted: Mar 21, 2011
Comments: Hello, admirers of the 29th and all our WWII Pacific heros! My Grandfather, Theodore L. Janson, was part of the BEDFORD crew during training in the US. He got sick and had to stay behind while everyone else went on to Guam. He always told us his original crew were KIA. Eventually, he did get to Guam and flew with another crew with the 315th BW. I always wondered what happened to the Bedford crew and thanks to this website I now know. I have a picture of this crew if anyone is interested. It includes Bedford, Munger, Rhody, and McCauley, and Janson.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2011
Comments: Remembering all crews that were lost 66 years ago over Tokyo...especially The Wyatt Crew....may all of you rest in peace forever!!!

Name: Anthony Ferraro     Date Posted: Mar 04, 2011
Comments: Hello to Everyone. Just a heads up that the visit to Pratt has slid from this spring to the fall. That just gives all of you more time to get together what you would like to donate to the museum :) We're also working on a very big project for the museum that is just getting started. Hopefully we'll have some great news to share soon and yes we will be looking for volunteers! :) I also want to thank Fred for keeping this site going. THANKS! -Ant

Name: James E. Doolittle     Date Posted: Jan 31, 2011
Comments: Hi, Sue Nass, I never did get around to telling you what a great job you did on Bomber Boys. I have the VCR version but VCRs have phased-out and so has our player.If you have an extra DVD I would really appreciate your sending it to me. Please e-mail me the details. Jim Doolittle, CFC on Timm's crew, 52sq

Name: Nancy Doolittle     Date Posted: Jan 31, 2011
Comments: My father, James E. Doolittle, flew with the City of Portland. Thank you to all of you who kept our world safe. You are our heroes.

Name: LSlack     Date Posted: Jan 25, 2011
Comments: My grandfather was George H. Slack. He was KIA before my father turned 2 yrs old. Its taken me years just to find out what happened to him. Thank You for posting this info.

Name: danny murray     Date Posted: Jan 19, 2011
Comments: my father was a bomb loader with 43rd bombardment......also a baseball player... good luck christ, danny

Name: Joel Closson     Date Posted: Jan 10, 2011
Comments: My Grandfather was a draftsman at the Boeing Wichita Facility in 1944. I have 44 production illustrations drawn by him. Most of which are marked restricted. Curious if there are any collectors out there for these.

Name: kyle winder     Date Posted: Dec 29, 2010
Comments: if any of you guys or gals know what happened to the crew of the 6th Sqdn., 29th BG., 314th Wing, 20th AF., N. Field, Guam, 1944/1945 on their Mission to Tachiarai plz email me i am tryin to finish my families geneology before my mom and dad dies thnx

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Dec 21, 2010
Comments: I did, thank you so much. It is always a joy to honor the men of the 29th Bomb Group.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Dec 14, 2010
Comments: Many thanks to Sue Nass for sending out my copy of Bomber Boys!!! A job well done on it. I sent my payment Sue so when you receive it please drop a quick note in here saying you got it ok? Again thank you and God Bless all members of the 29th!!!

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Dec 07, 2010
Comments: A recording of a mission of the Crowcroft crew can be heard on the PrattTown blog. Use google search to find PrattTown.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Dec 06, 2010
Comments: Pardon my error, I meant Dec. 7 1941 of course ...

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Dec 06, 2010
Comments: What do you remember about Dec. 7, 1944? Post your memories to this guest book (or email them to me) and they will be republished on the PrattTown blog which is associated with the Bombers On The Prairie Museum in Pratt Kansas.

Name: Thomas Cechner     Date Posted: Nov 17, 2010
Comments: Good work, they had it coming after Pearl, Bataan, & POW atrocities, why they did not surrender earlier is another atrocity to blame on their leadership!

Name: Tim Bryant     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2010
Comments: My uncle flew 35 missions as CFC. His name is Hugh Carlson. He's 84. His crew flew on 3 different B-29's. Their primary aircraft was named "City of Newark".

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Oct 27, 2010
Comments: I am Sue Nass, the daughter of Don Nass, CFC, 52nd squadron and the writer/producer of Bomber Boys. I interviewed Bob Ring in 1993. I would be happy to send you a DVD copy. I will write you details in an email.

Name: J Brown     Date Posted: Oct 17, 2010
Comments: Hello, I wanted to know if anyone could direct me to where to get a copy of the video, Bomber Boys. The pilot Bob Ring, grew up one county over from where I live, and his brother Don came to my church a few Sundays ago. I was trying to send a link to the posting of it on Youtube to Don's wife, but somehow she didn't get it, so I thought I would look into trying to get a copy. Thanks for any help I might get and God bless!

Name: Vicki Page Jaus     Date Posted: Sep 30, 2010
Comments: I am the daughter of Ernest Page, who passed away in 2006. My brothers and I attended the wonderful final reunion with our mother, Margaret (Bunnie) Page, who passed away on July 25, 2010. Our parents so enjoyed and valued their 29th Bomb Group friends. Likewise, I am most fortunate to have participated in two reunions and to honor all those who served our country so fearlessly.

Name: Joe McCarthy     Date Posted: Sep 30, 2010
Comments: My father is Bob McCarthy, tail gunner for Harry Hayes' crew - 29th Bomb Group. He was able to survive 35 missions from Guam to Japan and back when so many did not. I am proud to be able to share with you all that he and my Mom (Shirley) are doing well. I realize how blessed I am to be able to say this. However, time continues to pass and nothing remains forever. Your proud remembrances of fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. who served alongside my Dad are savored and will be remembered. God bless the families of the 29th BG.

Name: Chuck Parker     Date Posted: Aug 17, 2010
Comments: My dad's name is Jack Parker. He passed away 6 years ago. My mom pasted away last month and we found a few pictures and a diary that my dad had kept during WWII. I am in the process of scanning it to a .pdf file and would like to share it when complete. Is there a email that I can forward it to? He was a tailgunner on a B-29, a name that keeps poping up is a Robinson. I found a picture of them in front of a plane called 'Luke the Spook' but do not think that was his plane. I also found a DD214 that states he flew 13 missions. Just before he died, I tried to get his military records but found they had burned in a fire at the St. Louis holding area. Any info I can get would be appreciated. --chuck parker, Indianapolis, IN.

Name: Mike Leffler     Date Posted: Jul 05, 2010
Comments: Hal Leffler of the 29th Bomb Group passed away peacefully at his home in Schmitten T/S, Germany.

Name: Louis C. Rockwood     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2010
Comments: William H Tornow was the oldest of 4,his 3 sisters are all doing well, and still living either in or close to his home town Adrian Michigan. He was the Uncle that I never meant, he passed in 45 I was born in 47. My mother could not go to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetry for the final interment ceremony of the Russel Crew [ They are buried in one grave]as she was close to my birthdate. I have a copy of the book that a war correspondent named Ford wrote called "The Last Time I Saw Them" The last chapter tells about the Russel Crew. It was also printed in Colliers Magazine I believe August of 45. I never meant him , but will always remember him proudly. His Mother being my grandmother, always was calling me Bill and then apoligizing. I told her it was OK as I considered it a honor.

Name: Bethany Lewis Clements     Date Posted: Jun 25, 2010
Comments: JACK LARRY LEWIS, SR. Jack Larry Lewis, Sr., age 84, of Atkinson, died Wednesday May 26, 2010 at Silver Stream Rehabilitation Center. He was born July 6, 1925 in Pender County, son of the late William Randolph Lewis, Sr. and Mary Frances Hillburn Lewis. He was also predeceased by a brother, William Lewis. He is survived by his wife, Barbara Price Lewis of the home, one son, Larry Lewis, Jr. and wife Marie of Burgaw; two daughters, Julia Phifer and husband Joe of Chesapeake, Va., and Bethany Clements and husband Mark of Raleigh; three step-sons, Herman Downing of Wilmington, Craig Downing of Denver, Co., and Daniel Downing of Wilmington; ten grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and one brother Charles Lewis and wife Lucille of Wilmington. A respected member of the Atkinson community, Mr. Lewis was an Elder of Caswell Presbyterian Church. He served honorably during World War II in the US Air Force as a member of the 52nd Bomb Squad 29th Group. Mr. Lewis was Past Master of the Atkinson Masonic Lodge 612 AF&AM. He was also a member of the Lower Cape Fear Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and, for many years, owner and operator of Atkinson Alignment. Funeral services will be Friday May 28, 2010, at 2 PM at Caswell Presbyterian Church. The Reverend Roy Brewton will officiate. Burial will follow at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends at Caswell Presbyterian Church prior to the funeral at 1PM. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Caswell Presbyterian Church Atkinson. A service of Harrell's Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Burgaw.

Name: Bethany Lewis Clements     Date Posted: Jun 25, 2010
Comments: My father, Jack Larry Lewis Sr. of Atkinson, NC, was a member of the 52nd bomb squad, and passed away on May 26th. I wish he'd known about this website because he would have so enjoyed reading all of the information.

Name: Sheila Corcoran     Date Posted: Jun 16, 2010
Comments: Ok I am overwhelmed by all of the numbers for the army the squadron etc..I am trying to find more detail regarding my father's service John Patrick Corcoran 43-45. I have alot of his artifacts happy to share, but I would like to know all of the "numbers" from the largest group down thanks for the help

Name: Sheila Corcoran     Date Posted: Jun 16, 2010
Comments: I am looking for more information about my dad's service. His discharge papers say 29th bomb group.

Name: Sheila Hooley     Date Posted: Jun 01, 2010
Comments: God Bless you all!! My grandfather was Maurice J. Hooley!

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: May 30, 2010
Comments: Let's all remember all of those who gave their all for what we have today! May God bless them all and keep them in His loving care!!

Name: Mark Joyce     Date Posted: May 29, 2010
Comments: Thanks to all the veterans of the 29th Bomb Group for your service and sacrifice. Although I have no relatives who served with the group, my family and I want to thank each of you from deep within our hearts for protecting our freedoms. We will remember your fallen comrades this Memorial Day.

Name: Brandon Homyak     Date Posted: May 27, 2010
Comments: Eugene Homyak was my uncle shot down over tokyo was with the 43rd squadron of the 29th

Name: Anthony Ferraro     Date Posted: May 21, 2010
Comments: Hello Everyone- My grandfather, Harold Brennan, was the CFC on the Shumate Crew, 6th SQN, 29th BG. Tehy were the last B-29 lost in combat in WW2, shot down Aug 8, 1945. At the Farewell Reunion I was asked to be President of the 29th BG Heritage Society. We're planning on meeting in Pratt, Kansas on Memorial Day weekend 2011 at the Bombers on the Prarie Museum. We're working on setting up a sister website to this one where you'll be able to post information, photos, etc. We've also been asked by the Museum to donate material for display at the museum. I wish everyone the best and look forward to seeing folks at Pratt next Spring. -Ant

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: May 20, 2010
Comments: Do any of you remember the 4 Link Celestial Training Octagonal Towers at Pratt Army Air Field in Kansas? They were about 40 feet tall and had an air conditioning system.

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: May 10, 2010
Comments: Hello everybody; Ask me a question. tail gunner, 35 combat missions to Japan

Name: cliff biel     Date Posted: Apr 30, 2010
Comments: I tip my hat to you folks.

Name: Michael Myers     Date Posted: Apr 23, 2010
Comments: Hi all. I am the grandson of Capt Max Myers (City of Plainville, 43rd Bomb Sqdrn). I just wanted to say that this website enabled me to establish contact with Russ Haycook, a gunner on the plane. We were able to share some stories and information before he passed away. Here are the other members of the crew: Leonard Quinton Charles Vhynakek Jr Frank Gless Thomas Dean Harold Schonk Craig Mulvaney Walter Loehner George Erstling Peter Kuspis

Name: Nick Anton     Date Posted: Apr 13, 2010
Comments: No profound comments or grand statements. Just another proud mamber of the 29th Bomb group and fond memories of Woddy Moore who contacted me after over 50 years to come to our reunion.

Name: Craig Dean     Date Posted: Apr 05, 2010
Comments: Eric, I am the son of S/Sgt Thomas A Dean who was a Cfc Gunner on City of Plainville (O-27) with the 43rd sdn. I have pictures of the crew and tags from each bombing mission from April 10, 1945 to Nov 45. I would be happy to send you what I have. Real history! He took his final flight 3 Jan 2009 at age 86.

Name: Linda Gillespie     Date Posted: Apr 02, 2010
Comments: I am the niece of Robert Fritchel who was a pilot in the 29th. His wife, Mary Jane, was my Mother's sister. She recently passed away and I discovered many wonderful letters and possessions of Robert's at her home. I found out about this site by Robert's niece whom I found out about in a letter that I found.

Name: Milt     Date Posted: Mar 29, 2010
Comments: Robin, I posted the obit for Lori Tsang. I am not related to them. However, my own father, Jack H. Martin passed away last November. He helped build some of the first B-29's coming out of Wichita Plant II.

Name: Robin     Date Posted: Mar 29, 2010
Comments: Milt, I am sorry for the loss of your dad, but you have so many special memories to remember him by. Those memories will always be with you. He sounds like a great man!

Name: Robin     Date Posted: Mar 29, 2010
Comments: Eirik--Just wanted to say good for you! That is great you are interested in all this. I am not a veteran of WWII or any war, but my uncle was in WWII and shot down over Tokyo. A relative and I have been researching the crash in the last few years to find out what happened as neither of us was ever told anything except "the plane was lost at sea." With the help of the men on this website, we have found lots of great info on what really happened. Anyway, just wanted to say I am glad you found this site.

Name: Eirik Gohl     Date Posted: Mar 27, 2010
Comments: I started to research information about the 29thBG after I started to read Bringing the Thunder by Gordon Bennett Robertson Jr. So far the book is very interesting. I am only 16, but I love WWII aviation and sometimes a wish I could be a gunner on a B-29 or a B-17. I have been to the museum of the Air Force in WPAFB and multiple other Air Force museums. I have to say, the coolest thing I have seen at a museum was the B-29 Bockscar. Thanks for everything you all did back then!

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Mar 22, 2010
Comments: From: Lori Tsang Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:05:06 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern My dad, Alfred Tsang, surrounded by his family, died peacefully in his sleep at 5:40 PM yesterday. As he died, outside his window was the American flag, flowing briskly in the wind...representing the country that he so honorably and humbly served. Dad died from aspiration pneumonia and other complications after suffering a stroke 3 weeks ago. Although his health had been declining the last 3 years, he remained active and mentally alert until recently, traveling to his WWII USAF bomb group reunions, and Hearing Loss Association and professional conferences all over the country. In 2008, he traveled back to China accompanied by family members. Dad was 86 and had lived a full life. Born in NYC, but raised in China, he returned to the U.S. at the onset of World War II at the age of 14. He was an officer and navigator on a B29 bomber during World War II, in what must have been one of the first integrated units, before he had even graduated from high school. After the war, he was in the Air Force Reserve, eventually reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring. After the war he completed his high school diploma and got his bachelors in mechanical engineering at Clarkson University. In his late forties, while still working a full time job, he went back to school and earned his law degree in 3-4 years from Indiana University. He worked in the Indiana attorney general's office as a deputy attorney general until his retirement, working past the age of 65. After he retired, he did free legal work for many immigrants, took classes at a seminary schools in Indianapolis and Minneapolis, learned to use an Apple PC, and while in his eighties ran for the school board. He had become an advocate for peace; his activities included sponsoring a high school essay contest, and he was engaged in many writing projects, including a play, film script, and oral history of WWII veterans. It is a sad time for our family, but we have many fond memories. My dad often struggled as a minority in our society and with many regretful memories from WWII, but he lived a full life - a life well lived. It is time for our family to now celebrate, honor, and remember his life. My mother is 83 and in good health.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Mar 22, 2010
Comments: View a 4 minute video which documents the need and the purpose of a Museum in Pratt Kansas to preserve and share the story about the training of B-29 Crews in WW II, including the 29th Bomb Group. Find the video with Google Search using "PrattTown".

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2010
Comments: Remembering the crews who crashed into Mt.Fubo on this date 65 yrs ago with honor and dignity....may you all continue to rest in peace with all your comrades!!

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2010
Comments: To the Musser Crew, 65 years ago, you gave your lives so that others could live free. Thank you. Your sacrifice is not forgotten and never will be.

Name: Janey LaFleur     Date Posted: Mar 09, 2010
Comments: As a P.S. to my original post..... I have seen pictures that my grandmother had of my uncle 1lt Frank B. Whayman, Jr. in front of a plane called 'Slick Chick' is this connected in some way? Does anyone have any information concerning this plane or the crew? Thanks again!

Name: Janey LaFleur     Date Posted: Mar 09, 2010
Comments: Finally I have found some information on the Musser Group! I am the niece of 1lt Frank B. Whayman, Jr. who was on this mission. I have been trying to get any information regarding my uncle. If anyone can help me, please feel free to contact me. It must be fate that I have found this and just found the date......... almost exactly 65 years to the day after they were shot down. Thank you!

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Mar 09, 2010
Comments: 65 years ago, the 29th bomb group sent planes to firebomb Tokyo. Some did not return. God Bless the crew of the DamFiNo (aka: "Tiny Tim"): Warren Johnson, George (Bob) Loughborough, John Cross Jr, Wendell Vance, Ed O'Connor, John Puglisi, Rex Fifield, David Woll, Spencer Mason, John Mullin, David Shaner and all the crews lost over Tokyo on March 10, 1945. We salute your courage and bravery and pray someday you will come home.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 06, 2010
Comments: My name is Leslie Beebe. I have a lot of information on the Musser Crew, who were shot down on 3/10/45. I have changed my email since my last posting. If anyone out there knew any of the Musser Crew, including Cpl. Donald L. Osterholm, PLEASE contact me.

Name: Dan Accrocco     Date Posted: Feb 23, 2010
Comments: My father was a Marine stationed on Guam from mid July to late October 1945. He has a couple of grainy photos of a 29th BG plane "City of Sharon". Does anyone know which airfield the 29th BG flew out of?

Name: Ken Symons     Date Posted: Feb 18, 2010
Comments: My father, Ken Symons, was on Guam in 1945 after the atomic bomb was dropped. He was on Guam for about a year. Does anyone remember him? Thanks. Ken

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Feb 01, 2010
Comments: It was a privilege to work with these people as a radar mechanic.

Name: Alvin Hopkins     Date Posted: Jan 22, 2010
Comments: I am sadened by the fact it took me 60 years to discover this web site. I was a crew chief in the 43rd sqdrn. I am going back to Guam in April but don't expect to see much that I would recognise. I am 90 years old and in perfect health and on the go all the time, for how long, who knows. I guess the point is to enjoy as long as you can.44d4r

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Jan 01, 2010
Comments: change of resident to 141 Oak Drive, Monteagle,TN 37356, mail address same PO Box 282, Monteagle, TN 37356, phone 931/592-2845. Radio Operator on the Hank Youngquist Crew in 52nd Squadron

Name: Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret     Date Posted: Dec 30, 2009
Comments: w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m Happy New Year! We love this website. It has been very helpful for our members. Also, our members tell us that our website is the best place for veterans to find information about compensation, pension and benefits for veterans. We have been told that VSOs now recommend that veterans visit our website first before filing a claim. Veterans learn about the process, who to see, where to go, and how to maximize their disability claims. Visit today! w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Dec 27, 2009
Comments: Still kickin'. Moved. New address. Tail Gunner for Harry Hayes crew.

Name: Terry DeStefano-Wholey     Date Posted: Dec 20, 2009
Comments: I came upon this site in my Dad's papers. There was a note on the bottom to sign the guest book and ask about his uncle. Unfortunately my father died before he got the chance. His uncle was Dominic DeStefano. He was a Sgt on the plane that went down in training. If there is anyone out there that has any photos from that crew or plane could you please let me know? Thank you.

Name: Kirby Elizabeth Purdon-Manning     Date Posted: Dec 09, 2009
Comments: My father, James Kirby Purdon, Gunner, B-29 group was shot down, March 10,1945. I am always grateful for any and all information about my father. I am now 64, and a retired Art Educator. Thanks to Fred Palowski(?),Naomi & Harry Mitchell my brother,retired Col.James F.Purdon for the information and pictures that I do have. There is still so much about my father that I didn't know. I was born shortly after his death. In the 40's & 50's no one spoke of the memories they had. So much could and should have been known. I appreciate this web site and any information that I receive. Thank you and God Bless to all...

Name: Johnny     Date Posted: Dec 06, 2009
Comments: I make leather unit patches, if interested please contact me, thank you !

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Nov 26, 2009
Comments: Today I feel so fortunate to be able to spend another Thanksgiving with family and friends. So few of us from WW 2 are still around, and I miss those from the old 29th Bomb Group Association and our get togethers. It was so sad that we had to desolve the association, but, hopefully, some of us will still be able to be together before our last farewells. God bless our old buddies, especially those no longer with us. Glenn King, 52nd Sqd and a past director of our great association.

Name: Paul Noonan     Date Posted: Nov 26, 2009
Comments: Great site folks, keep up the great work.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2009
Comments: Fondly remembering all members of the 29th that have given their all!!! May they rest in peace!!

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Oct 26, 2009
Comments: Thank you to Bob McCarthy for providing some of his individual photos for the Bombers On The Prairie Museum Digital Library. More are needed to help "Tell The Stories" of those who trained in Kansas in WW II.

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Oct 19, 2009
Comments: Wanted: WWII Service Photos of the 29th BG members (air, ground or support) - head or body view, for the Bombers On The Prairie Museum project. Note: Joe Chovelak will provide group Crew Photos, but we need individual shots with name, squadron and your crew assignment. Email digital scanned pics (.jpg) or contact me to exchange, scan/return your photo.Please spread the word. Thank you.

Name: Brian     Date Posted: Oct 15, 2009
Comments: Great site! WE have adopted the 29th Square O as our division patch design in HAF/A10-O (nuclear operations).

Name: Fontaine Yearley Draper     Date Posted: Oct 10, 2009
Comments: I am the daughter of Alexander Yearley 1V, better known as Sandy who served with the 29th bomb group on Guam. I have pictures of Father, Colonel Carl Storrie and an unidentified gentleman standing in front of plane, City of Denton. I also have wonderful pictures of the island, the mess hall, building and planes in flight. My father died in 1991 but he was always proud of his 29th bomb group and what they did in WW II. If there is an archive for materials from this group I am happy to send some of these pictures. Thank you.

Name: Stephen Socha     Date Posted: Sep 20, 2009
Comments: Hello, I am Stephen Socha, son of John Socha, who died in 1991. I searched his Army serial # today and found this site as well as the info on the Musser Crew of which he was part of the groundcrew. Dad never talked about what he did except to say that he worked on the planes in Guam. Thank you so much for filling in some of the family history for his 4 kids. Thanks to all the veterans for their sacrifices.

Name: lara     Date Posted: Sep 13, 2009
Comments: now i am very confused. the date i have of the crash is oct. 8, 1944. but the honor list on this site lists the accident as oct. 8, 1945. after posting my first message i found a book describing the accident, "Bringing the Thunder: The Missions of a World War II B-29 Pilot in the Pacific" By Gordon Bennett Robertson, Jr. with the 1944 date. a google search will lead to the url. if anyone would like to discuss this via here or email, that wold be awesome.

Name: lara hartley     Date Posted: Sep 13, 2009
Comments: my father's brother william w. roberts was on the bomber that crashed near dallas oct 8 1944. i am having a very hard time finding any info about the accident. my father is deceased. if anyone has any links to info about the crash, please contact me! thanks so much, in advance. this is the first real lead i have found! lara

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Sep 01, 2009
Comments: Since my original sign-in my Eaddress has changed. Harry Hayes crew tail gunner 35 missions, 3/3/45 / 7/28/45 Yes we were over Tokyo for the big burn on 3/10/45

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Aug 25, 2009
Comments: Hi, my name is Leslie Beebe and I am looking for anyone who knew Cpl. Donald L. Osterholm. He was a tail gunner on the Musser Crew, which was shot down by anti-aircraft fire on the night of March 10-11. If you are a family member, friend, etc. of someone that was on the Musser Crew, PLEASE email me. I have a lot of information to share. Somebody out there knew Cpl. Osterholm, I want to make sure he and the Musser Crew are remembered. Thanks!

Name: John M. Leffler     Date Posted: Aug 20, 2009
Comments: My Grand father was a Captain in the 43rd. Tail number 44-69891, Capt. Hal L. Leffler from Grundy Center IO. Myself and my father would be interested in keeping this group going. Let me know if you are ever in the New Jersey, New York City area

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2009
Comments: This information may have been sent before, but, if not, it is for WW2 Veterans or those who know WW2 Veterans. Honor Flights take groups of WW2 Veterans to Washington,DC for touring the WW2 Memorial, other Military Monuments, and Arlington National Cemetary. If you know anyone who might be interested in a free trip hosted by volunteers who pay their own expenses, look up Honor Flight on the internet or contact local Veterans Organizations. I was privileged to go on a flight from Tennessee last fall and really enjoyed the chance to be with many others. We were greeted by spontaneous cheers at the airports and the monuments. So many other tourists and local strollers were so anxious to discuss our long-ago experiences. Glenn King, Past Director of the 29th BG.

Name: Liz     Date Posted: Aug 12, 2009
Comments: PFC Joseph H Paetz who was on the Cannon Crew. Pos.AG7. The one which crashed in Dallas 1944. He was my father's only brother. My Dad is still alive.

Name: Keith Perry     Date Posted: Aug 07, 2009
Comments: Looking for any or all photo's out there of a ship called the Jolly Bette it flew out of Guam

Name: Joseph G Perry jr     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2009
Comments: I am the son of Joseph G Perry (COL. retired, expired 2003). I have many items of the Guam 29th squadon to send to some one?

Name: Phillip Schulz     Date Posted: Jun 25, 2009
Comments: As the President of the Bombers on the Prairie Museum project, and the recent recipient of the 29th Bomb Group archives, yes, indeed we would like to have your father's material for our museum's displays. Please contact me via email.

Name: Steven A. Stuebbe     Date Posted: Jun 25, 2009
Comments: I am the son of Athniel B. Stuebbe, navigator on Dracula 43 (City of Albany), Feb. 11, 1945-July 29, 1945. My parents named me after his best friend, Stephen F. Wenczel, bombardier on Joe Franklin crew, shot down on June 5, 1945. Am trying to contact any remaining members of the Wenczel family. Could use some help. Really enjoyed your site. I am in possession of my father's day by day diary during the duration of his 35 missions. Would this be of any use to you?

Name: Colonel Raymond J. Wienk     Date Posted: Jun 18, 2009

Name: Jason Van Ness     Date Posted: Jun 17, 2009
Comments: I have a number of photos of 29th. Father was bombardier on Green Hornet - Nicholas Van Ness. let me know if there is interest

Name: Chris     Date Posted: May 29, 2009
Comments: I am writing a book about my great uncle and his time serving with the 29th bomb group. His name was William Tornow, and he was a gunner on the Russell crew. They died during a bombing run over Japan in April 1945. I would love to talk with anyone who may have known him, or just anyone who served as a gunner who could help me describe what that was like. You can contact me at 517-403-4403 or by e-mail.

Name: Richard Dressel     Date Posted: May 24, 2009
Comments: I wish I would have found this site years ago. I am the nephew of Herbert C Lingafelt. He died 10/08/1944 in the crash in Dallas TX. I wish I knew more about him and the cause of the crash.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: May 20, 2009
Comments: With Memorial Day coming up, let us all take a quiet moment and honor all members of the 29th BG that served and for those who did not make it home. Thank you all and may God bless you all!!!

Name: Curt Perry     Date Posted: May 13, 2009
Comments: My father flew with the 29th Bomb Group as the Group Radar Countermeasures officer. His plane was the City of Pipestone and was also called Jolly Bette. If you have any pictures of this B-29 please call me. 319-390-4549

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Apr 28, 2009
Comments: I was with the 29th BG, 6th Squadron, from March through December 1945. I was a Q-13 high-altitude-bombing radar mechanic. It was a joy to me to work with all the men that "kept em flying". The real heros were those that did the flying. They made believers out of our enemy. I am eternally grateful.

Name: Jim Jendro     Date Posted: Apr 11, 2009
Comments: My Dad, James C. Jendro, was an armorer with the 29th BG, 6th Sq. I recently showed him the history I received via Mr. Chovelak. Dad remembered many of his comrades and history of the 29th. Thanks Joe and the 29th BG Association!

Name: Joe Hedrick     Date Posted: Apr 10, 2009
Comments: A very nice sight and hope that you can keep it going. It is sad that these veterans will be gone soon. I have always been interested in World War 2, mainly because my father was in the Army during that period and I myself I'm a retired Air Force veteran.

Name: Don England     Date Posted: Apr 06, 2009
Comments: I know a tall ac wrench Jim Jackson who gave me pictures of the planes Boeings boner,Oily bird,Rentons reck,and about 5 others if anyone is missing their pictures of his plane

Name: Travis L Prater Jr.     Date Posted: Apr 03, 2009
Comments: I would like to find out if you have my father on your roster during WWII. His name was Travis L Prater and he listed the 43 Squadron and 29th Group on a change of address form during the war. Also would like to hear from anyone who knew him or knew what his assignment was in the bomb group. Please call me on my cell at 402-708-0421 or email me. Thank You. Travis Prater JR.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 27, 2009
Comments: Mr. Padgett, please contact me. I believe your dad was a part of the Musser Crew, and was KIA on March 10, 1945. I have him listed as 2nd Lt. Robert K. Reger, 0-778561.

Name: John Pounds     Date Posted: Mar 18, 2009
Comments: My father was with the 330th Bomber Group during WW2. he was with the City of Spanish Forks, UT on Guam. Thanks, John Pounds Son

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 11, 2009
Comments: Remembering Cpl. Robert Sparks and the entire Wyatt Crew who made the ultimate sacrifice on 10Mar45 along with all others who were lost on that day so long ago....I will always be grateful to them!!!

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2009
Comments: RIP Cpl. Donald L. Osterholm 8/28/22-3/10/09 You are not forgotten.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2009
Comments: March 10, 2009 Thank you Musser Crew. Today, 64 years ago, you all made the ultimate sacrifice for us. You will never be forgotten. RIP.

Name: Linda McElfresh     Date Posted: Feb 24, 2009
Comments: I came across some papers of my late father-in-laws and was hoping to find some info on luck. His name was 1st Lt. Nathan McElfresh, I heard his nickname was Mac, the paper says he was, 29th bomb group, 6th bomb squadron, crew no. 6-25, Bombardier position. All his pictures and 99% of his papers were all lost in a fire so we dont really know much more than that. Any info would be wonderful.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Feb 20, 2009
Comments: Hi, I am still trying to find out any info on Cpl. Donald Osterholm, tail gunner on the Musser Crew, shot down over Tokyo Bay, March 10, 1945. Thanks, Leslie

Name: Deirdre Bright Reagan     Date Posted: Feb 18, 2009
Comments: I would love to hear from anyone. I am the granddaughter of Captain Samuel W. Bright.

Name: John I. Spangler     Date Posted: Feb 14, 2009
Comments: I am/was member of 29th BG - 6th Sqdn - Thornton's crew. I believe only two others still living : S.Savage, Nav. , and G.Shaffer , Radio . We attended the 2003 Gettysburg Reunion , but none since.

Name: Scott Ramsey     Date Posted: Feb 12, 2009
Comments: WWII veterans are a National Treasure with the history they have shared and patriotism shown today as the Greatest Generation. I do interviews and collect any written materials I can from WWII veterans. Last year I traveled to six different WWII Reunions trying to record their history. If any WWII veteran would like to share your story please contact me anytime. Thank you!

Name: Thomas Brown     Date Posted: Feb 10, 2009
Comments: My father was in the 6th bomb squadron and was stationed in guam in WWII. Like many of he era, he never talked about his service. He is no longer with us but I was just trying to find out more about his service. His name was Tom W Brown. Thank you

Name: Willis P Van     Date Posted: Feb 09, 2009
Comments: My father, Willis P Van, 43 BS June thru August 1945 lives in Sacramento California. He flew 9 missions before being selected for Lead Crew School at Mojave.

Name: Robert Reger Padgett     Date Posted: Feb 03, 2009
Comments: My father, Lt. Robert Reger, was killed in action before I was born. I'm just now finding this web site - at my age 63!

Name: Leigh (Deibler) Bryan-Taylor     Date Posted: Jan 25, 2009
Comments: My sister, Diane, and I had a great time at the last B-29 Bomb Group Reunion and we met some wonderful folks there. I would love to continue to keep in touch with those families whose fathers fought for our Country. It was very nice to finally meet Mr. Joseph Smith who was the navigator and the only living member of our fathers crew (Max Deibler). If another Reunion takes place, let me know.

Name: Craig A. Dean     Date Posted: Jan 22, 2009
Comments: CITY OF PLAINVILLE (aka MADOLYN II) To Rick Kuspis,Russ Haycook, Mike Myers, & Madolyn Myers Putillo: I saw your posts after getting time to read them all. Would love to hear from all of you. I am the son of the late S/Sgt Tom Dean (CFC Gunner)

Name: Jared Dillingham     Date Posted: Jan 21, 2009
Comments: I love to see this site. My great uncle was in the 29th Bomb Group. He died in 1943. His name was Richard M. Campbell, but every body called him Jack. Thank you for keeping his and every other veterns memory alive. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Name: Craig A. Dean     Date Posted: Jan 14, 2009
Comments: My father, Thomas A. Dean, flew as Central Fire Control gunner in Madolyn II, the plane's fuselage number was 27. He passed away on 3 Jan 2009. Just wanted to pass that along to any surviving crew. God Bless You Dad!

Name: Jeff Badger     Date Posted: Jan 04, 2009
Comments: I noticed several people are looking for information on their dad's/grandfather's service in the war. I did just that. My deceased grandfather was in WWII and over the past few years I tracked down and interviewed veterans from his WWII unit, including his four best buddies. It's a fascinating and touching story, and I recently had a book published about it, Finding Granddad's War. Details can be found on Amazon or on my webpage (do an internet search to find the page, not allowed to post it here). Please check it out. And Part II gives instructions on tracking down your own family member's war story. Jeff

Name: Robert K. Reger Padgett     Date Posted: Jan 02, 2009
Comments: My father, Lt. Robert K. Reger, was a B-29 pilot killed over Japan on March, 1945. I was born 7 months later. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my father.

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Sep 16, 2008
Comments: The Washington D.C. Reunion is now another notable event passed into the history of the 29th. The gathering was a huge success thanks to the Ferraro family and their months of hard work. Thank you all. The other bright spot certainly was attendance. Thank you veterans of the 29th for making the trip. As we now know, the 29th BG Association is now desolved and it is up to the younger generation to keep the memory of our honored veterans going into the future. Many wonderful people have the desire to preserve our history and in the near future I'm sure we will find a way to do so. The Library of Congress event went very well and now 15 items of memorabilia from the 29th will be housed forever in the Veterans History Project at the Library. Again I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me throughout my efforts to learn more about the 29th and my uncle's part in it. Let's get together again sometime! Tim Geary Ward Crew.

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Sep 14, 2008
Comments: The 2008 29th Bomb Group Reunion was a great success. Those of us who got to visit with many old friends and to meet several new ones were both elated and sad. As most of you reading this probably are aware, this was the last reunion for the 29th, and that the 29th Bomb Group Association has been disbanded. Some memoriabilia was presented to the Library of Congress, and a decision will have to be made soon as to future disbursement(s) of remaining memoriabilia and existing funds. Fortunely for us Veterans, several decendents of 29BG personnel met and formed a new association to carry on the memory of the group. Hopefully, this Web Site will be maintained by the new association so all can keep informed. A newsletter and other functions are to be worked out soon. God willing! there will probably be future reunions or meetings for the benefit of veterans and families. Watch for details on the final 29th BG Reunion and on plans for the future. Glenn King, Director, 29th Bomb Group Association.

Name: George Wisser     Date Posted: Sep 09, 2008
Comments: I was Bombardier on Ferguson crew in 43 Sqd. I was not able to attend the reunion but am still interest in group news

Name: Tim Heath     Date Posted: Sep 08, 2008
Comments: I read with interest the reunion of the 29th Bomb Group and wanted to ask your help in finding out more information on my dad who was a B-29 bomber pilot and was involved in Tokyo raid,Nagoya, etc. I don't know what Bomb Group he was in (he passed away in 1949). HIs name was Talmage(Red) Marion Heath,Jr from Enterprise Alabama. Could you please directme to where I can find mission records, etc. for him.I have a bracelet with his name and #0-436051 inscribed on it. Thank you in advance for your advice and time spent to respond.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Aug 30, 2008
Comments: Wishing everyone attending the reunion a wonderful time! You all will be in my thoughts. I would also like to wish Cpl. Donald Osterholm a Happy Birthday and your sacrifice on 10Mar45 will always mean so much!!!!

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008
Comments: Today, August 28, 2008 would of been Cpl. Donald Osterholm's 86th birthday if he would not of made the ultimate sacrifice for our country on March 10, 1945 as a member of the Musser Crew. God Bless you Donald, and all members of the Musser Crew and all of the other lost crew members. On a lighter note, I hope to meet someone who knew Cpl. Osterholm next week at the reunion!

Name: Scott     Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008
Comments: If I could thank every veteran, and shake their hand I would, since I cannot the best I can do for now is to make sure what they did is never forgotten. I can't thank the men and women of WWII Enough. Ever since I attended the National WWII Memorial dedication in 2004, and met so many WWII veterans, I have been collecting stories from WWII veterans. During this time I have also made a video in honor of all who served during WWII. The video showcases different WWII Museums and Memorials and is set to some big band and WWII era songs. I have been interviewing and collecting stories from WWII veterans for over four years now and I am still honored to hear such history from such great men and women. If you have a story or some history you would like to share please contact me anytime. From one paragraph to several pages, anything you have remembered is a historical treasure. I wish you all the best life has to offer, and Thank You. I am also looking for any materials or items used during WWII such as patches, maps, uniforms, equipment, logbooks, etc.

Name: Shawn Storrie     Date Posted: Aug 28, 2008
Comments: I am the last son of Col. Carl R. Storrie. I will be in attendance for the final reunion. I look forward to meeting all those who knew my father so well. Your experience means so much. See you there. I can be reached at (770) 342-8230.

Name: David Stonehouse     Date Posted: Aug 25, 2008
Comments: Looking for documentation of 2 DFC awards for service during Burma Hump (Father) deceased. Radio operator. I am his son,David, retired USCG E-7

Name: James Christopher Lingerfelt     Date Posted: Aug 15, 2008
Comments: Would like any info on any member of H.W.Anderson crew. See guestbook for list.

Name: JACK NAIR     Date Posted: Aug 14, 2008
Comments: Jack Nair will not be attending due to his descent into Alzheimer's. The family sends good wishes to all, especially the crew of the Oily Boid.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Aug 07, 2008
Comments: Hi. I am coming to the reunion in Sept and I am so excited!!! I am looking for any information on Cpl. Donald L. Osterholm. He was a tail gunner with the lost Musser Crew. I am also a history teacher and am looking forward to speaking with veterans! See you in Sept.

Name: John Henze     Date Posted: Jul 20, 2008
Comments: I had two uncles who were pilots in the Pacific theater(both survived) mostly flying transports so in researching them I naturally branched out into other aspects of the war including your mission over Japan. I'm an instructor pilot myself with some Navy air experience so I can relate well to the technical aspects of what your group faced with these advanced and complex bombers. But after reading about the atrocities the Japanese committed against POWs I can only guess at the mind sets you all had as you departed for the Empire. I can only say you all have my highest respect and appreciation for all you did those long years ago in the flower of your youth that provided some sixty years of unprecedented prosperity for us all and prevented a new dark age to descend on the world. Thank you.

Name: HERBERT SCHNIPPER     Date Posted: Jul 19, 2008
Comments: still kicking

Name: Jim Rose     Date Posted: Jul 17, 2008
Comments: Recently found out my uncle (Victor Rose) was attached to the 6th BS of the 29th BG. Just looking at the web site to see what info is available concerning the group and squadron

Name: Daniel g. Webster jr     Date Posted: Jul 07, 2008
Comments: havent visited in a while... tim geary pls contact me.. i am william duncansons nephew (ward flight)

Name: Jeff Crowcroft     Date Posted: Jul 05, 2008
Comments: Enjoyed browsing this web site. My father, a WWII Navy vet, often mentioned a cousin Frank whose B-29 was rammed by a Japanese plane late in the war and I found a little more info here. Thanks!

Name: Larry Smith     Date Posted: Jul 03, 2008
Comments: My dad, Garland Smith, was radioman on Timm crew "City of Portland." Was wondering if GO 22/4Aug45/20thAF was available from anyone here, or specifics of this DFC award.

Name: Summey M. Cauble III     Date Posted: Jul 01, 2008
Comments: Just checking in for my Dad (Summey M.Cauble Jr.) who passed away in 2004. If I remember correctly, he was in the 43rd Bomb Squadron.

Name: Nan Luke     Date Posted: Jun 27, 2008
Comments: My dad is Teddy E. Luke, B 29 co pilot. He has a son, Scott and me his daughter Nan. I am proud of him and grateful to you all. Thank you!

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Jun 11, 2008
Comments: Searching for Jack Malinsky of NYC. Flew over to Guam with John Puglisi, radar operator, prior to 10 Mar 1945. Thank you.

Name: yasmin     Date Posted: May 31, 2008
Comments: Is anyone looking for a Mr C.Taylor from world war 11 RAF flight officer retiring as a wing commander lived in london at the time

Name: Buz Washington     Date Posted: May 29, 2008
Comments: My father, HAYDEN F. WASHINGTON, was FLIGHT ENGINEER on 'THE CITY OF LONGBEACH'. Anyone have any information on other crewmembers of that aircraft?

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: May 23, 2008
Comments: Let's all remember all those who served with the 29th with honor and devotion to their country...God Bless them all!!!

Name: Barton Fendelman     Date Posted: May 20, 2008
Comments: As I get ready for my second tour in Iraq I am looking for information about my Great Uncle, SSGT David Woll, he was lost in March of 1945. Thank you in advance. SSG Barton Fendelman

Name: Frank Warren Allen     Date Posted: May 18, 2008
Comments: I am searching for information re my father, MSGT Warren G. Allen, Service #6919147, MIA 8-Jan-1945 100 miles S. of Miami in B-29 Serial Number 42-6428 piloted by Irving H. ward

Name: Summey M. Cauble III     Date Posted: May 14, 2008
Comments: Great site. My father, Tail Gunner Summey M. Cauble Jr. passed away Mar 2004. He shared many memories of his time in the group.

Name: Liz     Date Posted: May 01, 2008
Comments: Sorry, I ment 10/08/1944

Name: LIZ     Date Posted: May 01, 2008
Comments: I believe my Uncle Joseph is on this list 10/18/44. AG 7.

Name: Jeff Carson     Date Posted: Apr 13, 2008
Comments: Thank you for your website. I enjoy the reading.

Name: Ken Wilson     Date Posted: Apr 05, 2008
Comments: I am searching for relatives or friends of members of the Earl F. Cannon crew that crashed in Dallas, Texas on October 8, 1944. Earl was my father's cousin. (My father is still alive.) Thank you to all US veterans! Ken Wilson

Name: Rich Brackett     Date Posted: Mar 29, 2008
Comments: looking into Walter "wally" Kolhagen's history with the 29th, he was a ROM on a B29; with the 20th AF 314th Wing, 29th Group 52nd Sq... Wally is my grandfather. Very nice sight guy's; two thumbs up and thank you!

Name: M. Charlotte Henry Jensen     Date Posted: Mar 19, 2008
Comments: I am the daughter of Thomas A. Henry radar/navigator on B29 City of Bartlesville,OK named Grand Slam crew of Ben Robertson. My dad passed away Oct. 17, 2007 at the age of 90. He never talked about much about his WWII experiences so I appreciated the fact that his pilot, Ben Robertson took the time and effort to write a book about the experience and missions. The book is called Bringing the Thunder by Stackpole Books. A fascinating book that should be required reading by all youth today. My sons have read it and now have a better understanding of their grandfather along with all of the sacrifices made by so many during WWII. Your site it wonderful Keep it going. Charlotte

Name: J. Chris Lingerfelt     Date Posted: Mar 18, 2008
Comments: Name: Chris Lingerfelt- 1st visit. I was on Guam '45-46. Lt. H.W. "Andy" Anderson crew. Crew: Andy, Mac Price,Lou Galeziewski, Tom Wheeker, Jr. Salmanowitz, Dan Breaux, Zeke Marsolek, Dave Levinson, Jack Snipes, and me. Anyone having any knowledge of any of these, please email me. I know that Dave Levinson, Lou and Zeke died. I know that Jack lives in Fl. and I think Jr. is still alive and lives in Fl.. Many thanks for the beautiful web site.

Name: frank r. mercke     Date Posted: Mar 16, 2008
Comments: hi glad to be on board

Name: Melvin Greene     Date Posted: Mar 16, 2008
Comments: Compliments and appreciation to those who have devoted so much effort to the memory of these charter members of the Greatest Generation. Please correct the spelling of my father Melvin Greene's last name, FE on Crowcraft crew. Despite harrowing final 1/2 mission and a tour in Omori Prison, he's alive and well today - soon to be 90. Thanks - Smoky Greene Jr

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Mar 15, 2008
Comments: Q-13 Radar Mechanic, 6th Squadron, 29 BG, from March 1945 to December 1945.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2008
Comments: To Cpl. Donald L. Osterholm, and all the crew of the 43rd Bomber Squadron, The "Musser Crew", 29th Bomber Group. Thank you for the sacrifice you made for us, and the whole world 63 years ago today, March 10, 1945. Thank you. May you all rest in peace. Sincerely, Leslie Beebe

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2008
Comments: Today I am remembering my relative Cpl. Robert Sparks and his crew that were lost on the 10Mar45 raid on Tokyo....may he and all that gave the ultimate price for all of us continue to rest in peace with the highest honor we can give them-remembering them!!!

Name: Michael Myers     Date Posted: Mar 07, 2008
Comments: Hi all. I fist posted here in 2003. Since then I have been to Iraq twice and had two children. It's been a long time. The good news is that your website is responsible for me coming into contact with a crewman on my grandfather's plane, the "Madoyln II" of the 43rd Sqdrn. SSGT Russ Haycook was a gunner on that plane. He and I have been in contact for a couple years now, and he has passed off to me many of his memories. Below is some basic information about he and his crew. WE ARE: 20TH AIR FORCE 314TH BOMB WING 29TH BOMB GROUP 43D BOMB SQUADRON 29TH BOMB GROUP HAS AN "O" ON THE TAIL. NAME OF PLANE HAS: ON LEFT SIDE OF NOSE. 'MADOLYN II' ON RIGHT SIDE. 'CITY OF PLAINVILLE' THE CREW IS AS FOLLOW: MAJOR MAX MYERS---COMMANDER [SKIPPER] LT. LEONARD QUINTON---CO-PILOT LT. MULVANEY---NAVIGATOR LT. VYHNANEK---BOMBARDIER LT. BARROWMAN---RADAR OPERATOR F/OFFICER. FRANK GLESS---FLIGHT ENGINEER S/SGT. GEO. ERSTLING---RADIO OPERATOR T/SGT. TOM DEAN---CFC GUNNER S/SGT. HAROLD SHONK---RIGHT GUNNER S/SGT.RUSS HAYCOOK---LEFT GUNNER SGT. PETE KUSPIS---TAIL GUNNER TRAINED AT CLOVIS AIR FORCE BASE IN CLOVIS NEW MEXICO. STATIONED ON GUAM IN THE MARIANA ISLANDS WHICH INCLUDED SAIPAN AND TINIAN ISLANDS. THREE TIMES IN OUR TOUR OVER JAPAN, WE HAD TO LAND AT IWO JIMA FOR SHORTAGE OF FUEL OR DAMAGES ENOUGH TO THE PLANE THAT WE WOULDN'T MAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO GUAM. Thanks to all who make this website possible. Would love to hear from anyone else who might have known my grandfather or anyone else in the crew. Thanks again - Maj Mike Myers USMC

Name: Johnny Signor     Date Posted: Mar 07, 2008
Comments: hello and MANY thanks to all 29th veterans for all what you did for us during WW2,You ARE "The Greatest Generation"!!! I'm a Leather unit patch artist,Johnny Signor 714 Atlantis Road S.E. Palm Bay,Fl.32909-4811 (321)724-1246noon-11pm eastern/weekdays

Name: Gordon Winfield     Date Posted: Feb 29, 2008
Comments: 1st Lt. Warren F. Johnson,Commander of Tiny Tim,#0-28, of 43rd Bombardment was lost on March 10,1945. As an admiring nephew, and because of him I had in interesting career as a USNavy all weather atomic attack pilot. He was my inspiration and my role model. I shall look forward to the gathering in DC to find out more about his associates.

Name: Keith F. Perry     Date Posted: Feb 26, 2008
Comments: I hear that military records in St.Louis were destroyed in a fire my father earned the DFC during his tour and my older brother and I would like to know were to go to request the bronze star to be issued to him. Any info would help Keith Perry (son)

Name: Keith F. Perry     Date Posted: Feb 25, 2008
Comments: I am looking for a picture or pictures of a B29 called The Jolly Bette and or The City of Pipestone My father was countermeasures officer on that plane any help would be great

Name: phillip schulz     Date Posted: Feb 21, 2008
Comments: You have a good site. I live at Stafford,Kansas 67578 half way between Great Bend Army airfield and Pratt Army Airfield. I am working with a group at Pratt AAF to build a B29 Museum for our collection. I have a lot of stuff relating to the B29 and WalkerAAF at Victoria, Kansas. We had a pilot from here that flew in the 314 wing. I am researching him.. Thanks keep up the hard work on this site. Phillip Schulz

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Feb 20, 2008
Comments: I am very interested in the reunion for September!! Sorry to hear that it will be the last one , but I also understand that it is getting harder for the veterans to travel that are still here with us. Looking forward to more details!!!

Name: Anthony Ferraro     Date Posted: Feb 15, 2008
Comments: Hello 29th BG! September 4-7, 2008 will be the very last reunion of the 29th BG, but only with your support! Its being planned for Washington DC at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA. This is a short cab right from Washington Reagon International Airport. More detailed plans are to follow but for right now we need to know how many members are interested in attending. Rooms are $99/night plus tax. The conference fee is likely to be $130 which covers heavy hors d oeuvre Thursday night, dinner Friday and Saturday night, entertainment for two nights (including an Andrews Sisters act on Friday night!), and a few items to take home to remember the reunion. The hotel is going to allow us to have dinner atop the hotel in a special banquet room that overlooks the city on Friday night! We are working on guest speakers now and are interested in the type of speaker you would like to have. A bus tour to the Udvar-Hazy Museum (branch of the Smithsonian about 45 minutes from the hotel) is planned to see the B-29 Enola Gay among other aircraft and the space shuttle as a separate tour that each would have to pay for. The hotel is within very short cab ride of The WW2 Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial, USAF Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the other memorials like Vietnam and Korea. There are also lots of DC attractions for everyone to enjoy on their own, including the Smithsonian Museums, the government buildings and memorials, shopping in Georgetown, etc. The hotel has also been gracious enough to provide a Memorabilia Room, Hospitality Room, and an Interview Room. I expect these will be very active with the membership visiting with our group Historian Joe Chovelak, to see the memorabilia and displays brought by the membership, and as a gathering place for our veterans to interact with the reunion attendees. In order to have a successful last reunion I am estimating that we need to have 200 people attend, so please express your interest here as well as respond to the poll that will be coming in the next news letter. Right now everything is tentative until we have a good idea of interest in attendance. Lets make this Final Reunion of the 29th BG happen and be a very special one! Looking forward to seeing everyone again! -Ant

Name: Suzanne Miller     Date Posted: Feb 14, 2008
Comments: I finally got around to looking at the site. Great job, Joe Chovelak. I'm honored to know you, love you and be your friend.

Name: Steve Allen     Date Posted: Feb 05, 2008
Comments: I have become fascinated with the B-29, since I found out that he was an instructor in a B-29 in 1953, stationed at Randolph AFB, Texas. I am really humbled by reading about the history of the planes and the people who flew them and the sacrifices they made. Thank you for putting together this wonderful website.

Name: Steven Makemson     Date Posted: Feb 05, 2008
Comments: Hi I am a 48 year old Englishman who thankfully never had to suffer the terror you all went through, after getting towards the end of the book Nemesis by Max Hastings, and reading the horrific way your downed aircrew suffered at the hands of the Japanese I felt compelled to write to offer my thanks for your unwavering sacrifice I would love to write more but can't put it into words Thanks

Name: Jim Petrosky     Date Posted: Feb 02, 2008
Comments: I was asked by the Daughter of STEVEN MINDEK JR.of AMBRIDGE, notify of his passing summer of 2007, Corporal Mindek was a member of the 29BG ground crew Radio Repair.

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: Jan 28, 2008
Comments: This request for help in locating missing crew members has been posted in the past with no luck. We were part of the crews commanded by Capt Henry W. (Hank) Youngquist and served together as follows: The original crew assembled and trained at McDill Field in Tampa, but, just before going overseas, the crew was split up due to a brief illness of Capt Youngquist. Five were transferred to other crews and were replaced shortly before we were sent to Saipan as a replacement crew with the 73rd Bomb Wing. The 73rd Bomb Wing was sent home after WW 2, but several crews were sent as replacement crews to Guam with the 314th Bomb Wing, 29th Bomb Group. Crew members from Guam not yet located are Lt Gunnar Johnson, Pilot, Ssgt Eugene H. Brotherton, AG Gunner, and a replacement Flight Engineer thought to have been Lt Dale (Hump) Humphert who had his Pilot's Wings. If you have any information on the Youngquist Crews, please contact me, Percy (Glenn) King, Radio Operator and presently a Director of the 29th Bomb Group Association, via e-mail or 931/924-2845. I have a partial list of the subject crews and will be happy to send a copy via e-mail to anyone with a bonified reason to have it.

Name: PETE MINIX     Date Posted: Jan 26, 2008
Comments: January 25th 2008 Dear Fellow Veteran: In 1998, I began my project to collect stories from World War 2 veterans and their families for the purposes of preserving and presentation to today's youth, adults and future generations before these memories will one day no longer be available. My collection of over 215 World War 2 stories has received appreciation and recognition from the General Patton Memorial Museum at Chiriaco Summit in California where it is exhibited during special events. Please contact me to discuss the details of my project, and how you can be an important source of World War 2 history by telling your story about your personal military service and sacrifices. Participant references and testimonials regarding my work are available. Very respectfully, Peter D. Minix Former SGT. U. S. Marine Corps Former California Army National Guard Member

Name: leo m bretta     Date Posted: Jan 24, 2008
Comments: Hi, My grandfather was in the 29th bobmer group, 6 th squadron,he was leo bretta sr. we found pictures today of him infront of his plane the jughaid III. any info on crewmembers or anyone know him? that would be great. we found alot of info in the boxes we found today along with some great photos.we will try to send some to your website if you want them,thanks

Name: Dan Bretta     Date Posted: Jan 24, 2008
Comments: Just found this grandpa was at Guam with the 29th bomber group 6th squadron in 1945. His name was Leo Bretta. I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew him. Thanks.

Name: Terry Popravak     Date Posted: Jan 21, 2008
Comments: Very interesting to learn about the B-29s in World War II. How many B-29 bombers were assigned to each bomb squadron? What was the total number in the bomb group, authorized and actual?

Name: paul titlow     Date Posted: Jan 20, 2008
Comments: please send me how i can join. how much are your dues? my father was in your group on Guam in 44-45. i will forward you his information.

Name: Edwin Holopainen     Date Posted: Jan 12, 2008

Name: Newton E. Towle III     Date Posted: Jan 12, 2008
Comments: My father was killed on June 20, 1945. I was just looking for info. 2nd LT Newton E. Towle jr

Name: Patty Yahne     Date Posted: Jan 03, 2008
Comments: I am the daughter of Basil W. Dean of the 314th Bombardment Wing, 20th Army Airforce, Guam. I would appreciate any information from anyone who served with him or remembers him. He passed away in March of 2005. Thank you.

Name: Russell Cramer     Date Posted: Jan 01, 2008
Comments: I was a radar flight instructor at Pratt Kansas. Herbert C Lingafelt and I took turns on training missions. I was happy to see that he was honored to be included with the Cannon crew that crashed near Dallas. I remember it well. They were great people.

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Dec 28, 2007
Comments: Posting Correction: Searching for family members of John T Mullin, MA, David Shaner, PA, JOHN Cross Jr, PA, Edward O'Connor, IL. These men were members of the Warren Johnson crew who were lost over Tokyo March 9-10, 1945. Please contact me, I have info to share.

Name: Mary Jo Healy     Date Posted: Dec 25, 2007
Comments: Searching for family members of John T Mullin, MA, David Shaner, PA, David Cross Jr, PA, Edward O'Connor, IL. These men were members of the Warren Johnson crew who were lost over Tokyo March 9-10, 1945. Please contact me, I have info to share.

Name: Craig Geis     Date Posted: Dec 24, 2007
Comments: I am researching information on the 43d Bombardment Squadron looking for information on the unit and specifically my wife's father, George "Red" McCarthy, Sgt, Combat Photographer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Dec 21, 2007
Comments: Wishing everyone in the entire 29th family a joyous and Merry Christmas!! God Bless you all!!

Name: Robin Pritchard     Date Posted: Nov 30, 2007
Comments: Sorry, my message below is a little muddled. I should have emphasized this part------Just to let you all know, IT DID WORK!!! A couple months ago I received a reply from the daughter of Camp Mason who had seen my posting here! So, to anyone looking for someone from the Bomb Group, be persistent, you will find them!! Robin

Name: Robin Pritchard     Date Posted: Nov 30, 2007
Comments: I posted this message here twice in the last 1-1/2 years....CAMP and SPENCER Mason, Mom--Hattie S. Mason, Dad--Francis S. Mason. I am hoping to get the attention of a man who posted here back in 2003, but did not leave any contact information. His friend, Camp Mason, was the brother of Spencer Mason, who went down with my Uncle's crew on March 9-10,1945 over Tokyo. The whole crew was MIA/KIA. My Uncle is George Robert Loughborough. He flew with the Johnson crew in WWII. We are finding out more information regarding the crash and would like to find any of Spencer's living relatives. I am hoping this friend of Camp's can help us. Thank you. To whoever is Camp Mason's friend, if you do not wish to put your email address here, PLEASE, send me an email. My email is listed above. I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks again! Just to let you all know, IT DID WORK!!! A couple months ago I received a reply from the daughter of Camp Mason who had seen my posting here! So, to anyone looking for someone from the Bomb Group, be persistent, you will find them!! Robin

Name: chey whiteclay     Date Posted: Nov 27, 2007
Comments: i am the grandson of guy whiteclay who served w/29th

Name: Teri Shaw     Date Posted: Nov 08, 2007
Comments: My son, Ian Shaw is doing a social studies fair project. His great uncle, Stanley V. Shaw was a part of this unit.

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Nov 07, 2007
Comments: Just a few notes to comment on the 2007 reunion in New Orleans. Thank you to the Nass family for hosting a smash hit. They all did a fantastic job. The reunion was packed with wonderful people from all over the country and one person came from as far away as France! The shared experience of honoring these Veterans for their service and sacrifice is very powerful and something I will never forget. To all the people that gave me encouragement and support for my efforts in finding a lost crew, I thank you very much. It was a grand event I was honored to be a part of and I highly recommend to anyone thinking of attending in the future. Stay in touch, Tim Geary

Name: Nolan F. Strange     Date Posted: Nov 06, 2007
Comments: I may have nose art on some of your aircraft. Send me the name or tail number and if I have the art I will e-mail it to you. Nocharge to members. Big Red

Name: Sue Nass & Nass Family     Date Posted: Nov 05, 2007
Comments: Thanks to all who attended the reunion. It was wonderful to see everyone and very rewarding to be your hosts. All members of the 29th Bomb Group, veterans and honorary members alike, are very special indeed. The Nass Family

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Oct 29, 2007
Comments: Wishing everyone attending the reunion a wonderous and safe trip!! Would also like to extend a moment of silence for all of our brave crews and their families. God bless them all!!

Name: Roger Mansell     Date Posted: Oct 23, 2007
Comments: Well done- We have more details on the Watkins plane- MACR 14363 Plane 42-65305 at least six crew murdered by vivisection. Can send you an XLS file if you wish

Name: Leonard Lentowski     Date Posted: Oct 23, 2007
Comments: lost but now am found

Name: william r. maxey     Date Posted: Oct 23, 2007
Comments: RE: Cpl. Donald Osterholm, Leslie Beebe wants to inform group that he appreciates all the info and replies, but he is presently unable to answer all the e-mails since he has had to evacuate his home in San Diego, CA due to all the fires in that area. He wishes to thank everyone for all the info you have sent and that he will reply to you when able.

Name: Diana     Date Posted: Oct 21, 2007
Comments: Cpt Henry Heyke, 29th bg, 43rd bomber squad, was my mother's brother, my uncle. I'm signing for us both. A fantastic wesite you have put together, we can't thank you enough for all the history and information you provided for family's and friends. Thank you again and God Bless

Name: Jeffrey Case     Date Posted: Oct 16, 2007
Comments: To the individual who has done all the research on the missing crews: Thank-you very much for your tireless effort in researching the data. My name is Jeff Case and I'm the nephew of Reginald T. Rosser (Right Blister) with the Musser Crew.I never knew my uncle except for the ocassional comment my grandfather would make with deep saddness in his voice. My mother (his sister) also would not speak of him much. I hope to someday visit the crash site in Toyko and pay proper respect to the crew. Thank-you again for your efforts. Respectfully, Jeff Case

Name: Paul C. Steffy     Date Posted: Oct 09, 2007
Comments: Re: John R. (Jack) Robinson, New Goshen, In. KIA: 11 May 45 on 1st mission. Plane exploded within 3-5 min. after take-off over water. Nothing ever found of plane or crew. Last tng. base in U.S. was Almogardo, N.M. Info. very fragmentary. If you have any add. to send, please do.

Name: Leslie Beebe     Date Posted: Oct 08, 2007
Comments: Hello. My name is Leslie Beebe, and my parents and entire extended family is from the Waverly, Iowa, the same hometown as Cpl. Donald Osterholm. This past Labor Day 2007 I was walking through the Waverly Cemetery and I discovered Cpl. Osterholm's memorial stone, for there was nothing left of him to bring home. Seeing it brought tears to my eyes. I am getting my teaching credential in history and WWII has always been one of my favorite things to study. When I saw Cpl. Osterholm's memorial stone, it all became real. It was tangible, I could touch it. He was 22 years old, from a very small town in Iowa who gave his life for us. Since finding the stone I have begun delving into finding out more about him. I found his sister-in-law, but she never knew him, though she did know his mom and dad. She told me that his mom never got over it, but that she was really proud to be a gold star mother. A very nice lady in Waverly City hall emailed his obiturary and the picture that ran in the Waverly newspaper. He was a very handsome young man. I have also read in the guestbook that a lady wrote in 2005 that her parents had been neighbors of the Osterholm's in Waverly. If any of you would have any information on Cpl. Osterholm, maybe some of you were friends of his? Or you could tell me how long he had been in the service (or how I could find that out). My ultimate goal, with his family's permission is to submit his story to the Bremer County VFW post. I have written a letter to them and hopefully they will write back and someone will have known him. Thank You and thank you for saving us all. Sincerly, Leslie Beebe

Name: PETE MINIX     Date Posted: Oct 07, 2007
Comments: I have been collecting and documenting the history of our World War II Veterans since 1998. I currently have over 200 veterans from all branches and ranks, in my "private library". I have always been interested in World War II and what better way to learn this is to talk to the men and women who lived it. It is my way of keeping their memories and stories alive. For every World War II Veteran we loose, a piece of history is gone forever. I believe that it should be told to someone who is willing to take the time to document their story. For the men and women, who served during World War II, they all have a great story to tell, whether they were in combat or sitting behind a desk. They answered the call to duty in a time when more the half the world was at war. When it is my time to pass on, all this information will be placed in the General Patton Museum in Chiriaco Summit, CA so that future generations will know what these men and women went through. One day, all of our Veterans from World War II, will have passed on and so will their stories. Peter Minix Former Marine Sgt. Indio, CA

Name: Howard T. Shingledecker     Date Posted: Oct 04, 2007
Comments: My uncle fought with you guys.

Name: Roger Mansell     Date Posted: Sep 25, 2007
Comments: We have now proof that 2nd Lt James O. Warren plane 44-69882, shot down 16 April 1945, perished in a locked cell during the bombing of Tokyo, 26 May 1945. We are slowly accounting for all the B-29 men captured by the Japanese and who died while a POW.

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Sep 25, 2007
Comments: I am grateful to have served as a radar mechanic on Guam, in the 314th Wing, 29th Bomb Group, 6th Squadron, from March to December, 1945. The bravery of the air crews who made the missions, the dedication of the mecanics who kept them flying and the end result of it all certainly hastened the armistice. It came as a high cost in lives of crews, both in accidents and in combat, yet our crews kept pressing on. I shall forever be grateful.

Name: David W. Mills     Date Posted: Sep 19, 2007
Comments: my dad was a S/SGT on B-29 Tail SQ O fusalage # 052 and 053

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Sep 17, 2007
Comments: Just a reminder to sign up for 29th Bomb Group reunion in New Orleans November 1-3, 2007. This includes two banquets,a field trip to the wonderful National World war II Museum created by Stephen Ambrose and other amenities. Details are here on this website. The deadline to take advantage of the special 29th Bomb Group rates at the hotel is October 3rd. We will accept registrations sent to Larry Nass through October 3rd also. See you in New Orleans!

Name: Wally P. Fydenchuk     Date Posted: Sep 14, 2007
Comments: Ex RCAF B-29 pilots I am researching Americans who served with the RAF and RCAF prior to transferring to the USAAF. Many "high-time" ex RCAF pilots were selected as B-29 Captains including Clifford Werly who apparently served with the 29th BG. Any other names of ex RAF/RCAF personnel who flew B-29's would be appreciated. Please contact: wpf13@hotmail or visit my website for more information about my book/project.

Name: sylvester wilcy     Date Posted: Sep 11, 2007
Comments: 29 pilots accepted the b29. i flew 35 missions over japan and saw lots of planes go down, many after takeoff.

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Aug 20, 2007
Comments: Hello Mary, Yes, we are planning a reunion this November 1, 2 & 3 in New Orleans so we can take advantage of the National World War II Museum. All the details are available on this website's home page. It seems that the past several reunions have seen more and more family members attending to honor their relatives. I hope we see you there. Sincerely, Sue Nass 2007 Reunion Co-Chair

Name: Mary Trussell Duty     Date Posted: Aug 19, 2007
Comments: Hello! My father, William Warren Trussell was on the ground crew of the Musser plane. He was assigned another plane, but I cannot remember the pilot's name. Daddy came home, married the girl from Consolidated Aircraft. He became a farmer. She taught school. They had five children. I am one of them. I started looking into family history a few years ago, and ran into the info that yall have on his planes. I have actually talked to a gentleman from the Houston area that was in the second crew. Montgomery was his last name, I think. Do yall have plans for another reunion. I would like to make plans to attend. Thanks so much! Mary Trussell Duty

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Aug 19, 2007
Comments: As part of an online history project associated with the Pratt County Historical Museum (in Pratt Kansas) a website has been established for the Pratt Army Air Field. One part of the site has "Veteran Profiles"(including photos) of those who served there for the 29th and 40th bomb groups. Please inform all those (29th) interested in having their Profile (or a relatives) included, to use the downloadable attachment Form found at the bottom of the "Profiles" page on the site. I do want to thank Joe Chovelak for providing me with lots of data to help with this project. I hope to reach as many members of the 29th as possible.The Profiles can be found searching Google for "Pratt Army Air Field" and click on the result with the obvious domain name that matches it, and you can see how we have progressed so far. From: Milt Martin, website project coordinator.

Name: stafford     Date Posted: Aug 19, 2007
Comments: thanks for sending that stuff about my grandfather. i loved it. and i talked to that guy u sent the number to me. and did u recieve the thank u card.

Name: Jodi (Krone) Kelsey     Date Posted: Aug 12, 2007

Name: dave     Date Posted: Aug 10, 2007
Comments: Brethren, have faith in the LORD JESUS!! May God bless you all.

Name: Bruce M. Price     Date Posted: Aug 01, 2007
Comments: I am the nephew of Shelve F. Harbour #2065758, 6th bomber squadron whose B29 tail number 43-6428 was killed/lost in training 1/8/1945. My mother, Shelva's only sister/sibling is still alive and sharp at age 80 and still wonders to this day what is known or may have been found of Shelva, his crew, and his plane. She was informed of very little back in 1945. Anyone with knowledge to his plane captained by Irving H. Ward is encouraged to contact me. Any photos, correspondance, etc.... of Shelva will also be appreciated. Thank you.

Name: dave     Date Posted: Jul 28, 2007
Comments: Brethren, have faith in the LORD JESUS!! May God bless you all.

Name: tyrone land     Date Posted: Jul 24, 2007
Comments: thank you for a good web site. i'm looking for any information on my grandfather Fred M. Stubbs. He was a ambulance driver in 1945. Please any information would be helpful. thankyou

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: Jul 21, 2007
Comments: This request for help in locating crew members has been posted before with no luck in locating some of our crew. We were part of the crew(s)commanded by Henry W.(Hank) Youngquist and served as follows: Crew assembled at McDill in early 1945 and trained together until shortly before going overseas. Five crew members were assigned to other crews and sent to Guam while Capt Youngquist recuperated from a brief illness. Five replacements were assigned just before we joined the 73rd Bomb Wing on Saipan. Shortly after the war, we were sent to Guam as a replacement crew in the 314th Bomb Wing, 29th Bomg Group, 52nd Squadron. Not yet located crewmembers are Lt Gunnar Johnson, Pilot, SSGT Eugene H. Brotherton, AG Gunner, and a replacement Flight Engineer believed to have been Lt Dale (Hump) Humphert who had his pilot's wings. Please contact Percy (Glenn) King, Radio Operator, and presently a director of the 29th BG Association at 931/924-2845, if you can help.

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Jul 20, 2007
Comments: Bomber Boys, the documentary featuring the 29th Bomb Group, is available on DVD or VHS. The video was written and and produced at the request of my dad, Don Nass (CFC Carter's Crew), to premier at the 29th Bomb Group reunion in Colorado Springs in 1993. PBS picked it up nationally in 1995 and it aired all over the country for three years. To order a DVD or VHS copy you can contact me.

Name: Keith F. Perry     Date Posted: Jul 20, 2007
Comments: Can anyone help with info regarding my father and his airplane he flew in . the B-29 I was told was called The City Of Pipestone #42-93918. Where can I get a photo of the plane and verification of his distingushed flying cross. He left the service as Capt.Earl M. Perry

Name: Milt Martin     Date Posted: Jul 16, 2007
Comments: I would like to buy 2 copies of "Bomber Boys" produced by Sue Nash for use within the Pratt County Historical Museum in Pratt Kansas. They would be used as part of an exhibit in the Museum about WW II, specifically the Pratt Army Air Field. A website is being developed as an extension to this exhibit (by me for the Museum) and I would like to showcase some brief example clips from the video to encourage visitation to the Museum to see the entire exhibit. We are also seeking additional material (photos, stories, etc.) for inclusion in the website. Please email me instructions for purchasing the videos. By the way if you google "Pratt Army Air Field" and click on the result with the obvious domain name that matches it, you can see how we have progressed so far.

Name: Molli Oliver     Date Posted: Jul 13, 2007
Comments: Correction to previous entry. My late Uncle flew B-24. not B-29's. Thank you. Shot down February 26, 1943 in Bay of Biscay. 10 men MIA

Name: Karen Erwin-Brown     Date Posted: Jul 09, 2007
Comments: enjoyed the site. My father is Red Erwin. Mom and I hope to attend the New Orleans reunion

Name: Nick Thompson     Date Posted: Jul 02, 2007
Comments: My Father-in-law was the pilot of Easy's Aces. He earned the DFC w/2OLC. How can I find out what he did to earn the DFC? His name is Lt.Col. Raymond T. Eakes. The aircraft name was changed to City of St. Louis after his co-pilot was killed during a mission. I can I find out which bombardment Group he was in? Thanks for this web page. Nick (USNR-Retired)

Name: George Carroll     Date Posted: Jul 01, 2007
Comments: Your yail picyure with O +sq is same as dad's 486th(H)B-24 latter W +sq B-17

Name: Molli Oliver     Date Posted: Jun 23, 2007
Comments: My late Uncle, Clifford Oliver, flew B-29's and was shot down over the channel in 44. I am trying to find information on him.

Name: Jo Gordon     Date Posted: Jun 22, 2007
Comments: My father, Staff Sgt. Robert E. Gordon was with the 315 Wing, 29th Bomb Group, 6 Squadron. If anyone has any pictures, please send them to the above email address. Dad is still alive and well - at the age of 87, he still does his garden and works the woodpile in the winter. He is sharp as a whip.

Name: Ronald C Ball     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: would like to get newsletters about the group. my dad was a nav. on his plane,his name was Carl E Ball

Name: JOSEPH SAVKO     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007

Name: Williuam R. Maxey     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: I am signing for my late Father William Edgar Maxey, Jr.

Name: Harold D Lang     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: Hopefully I will be physically able to attend the reunion this year. I would love to see some of the old crew members and others I knew in the 6th Bomb Squadron.

Name: Linda Simonsen     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: niece of Mark E Miller who died 8/8/45 during a mission over Japan.

Name: JACK D. NAIR     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: Sorry we won't make the Reunion this year. Alzheimer's has taken all my memory. I am in very good health except for that. I am 82, married over 60 years and have three daughters and 8 grandchildren. maybe next time my grandson, Nick Wigle, will attend the reunion with my wife, Donnie. I was a bombadier on Shafer's crew on the Oily Boid-6th BG. We flew 35 missions over Japan and were in Hawaii on our way home when the war ended. My mother always thought that it was the Army's fault that I got bald so young.

Name: Paul E Milling     Date Posted: Jun 20, 2007
Comments: I've lived a life full of memories of the 29th Bomb Group, 43rd Squadron. My old crew is down to three now

Name: Bruce E. Forystek     Date Posted: Jun 19, 2007
Comments: My uncle Stanley Forystek was assumed lost with a B29 Crew on 26 May 1945. It was the raid over Tokyo. If anyone has any info on him or new him please contact me.

Name: stafford dunbar     Date Posted: Jun 17, 2007
Comments: my grandpas name was Wade S. Dunbar Jr. if u knew him please reply. I never knew him. i want to know wat he did.

Name: William H. H. Hoedt     Date Posted: Jun 17, 2007
Comments: Want information on Frank C. Musser who was killed in a bomber crash about 1943. Plane from MacDill Army Air Force base. Where is family?

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Jun 12, 2007
Comments: We are becoming very excited about the upcoming reunion. Once again, we are Sue, Steve and Larry Nass, the children of Don and Nadeane Nass, CFC, 52nd Squadron, Carters crew. We will be your hosts and co-chairs of the 2007 reunion. Dates: November 1-3, 2007 Place: Radisson Hotel New Orleans Airport 2150 Veterans Boulevard, Kenner Louisiana 70062 Phone: 504-467-3111 TOLL FREE: 1-888-201-1718 Room Rates: Single, Double, Triple, Quad $89.00 plus 12.75% tax per room per night This complimentary rate will be extended two days prior and two days after the reunion dates. Make reservations directly with the hotel no later than October 3rd, 2007 to take advantage of this rate. Ask for the 29th Bomb Group rate. Registration Fee: $95.00 per person. This includes Thursday evenings welcome reception of hors oeuvres and cash bar, Friday and Saturdays banquets, and of course all the other amenities youve become accustomed to such as the Memorabilia and Hospitality Rooms. Excursions and Adventures: Friday, November 2ndt is going to be a special treat as we visit the National World War II Museum (formerly National D-Day Museum). This museum is about you. You will be able to view exhibits from the Pacific and European Theaters, and the homefront. Youll hear war veterans and homefront people like you give amazing personal accounts of their experiences. Also, two moving documentaries about the war, directed by Steven Spielberg, are featured. A box lunch is included on site. Price: $35.00 per person (lunch included) NOTE: The National World War II Museum is collecting oral histories from World War II veterans and people on the homefront. It is by appointment only. For more information about donating your full-length oral history, please call Marty Morgan, Director of Research, at 504-527-6012, ext 321 Send Registration and Excursion Fees: Please include your phone number, the names of each attendee, and a single check made out to the 29th Bomb Group 2007 Reunion covering registration fees as well as the field trip fee to the National World War II excursion if you choose to attend by September 15th , 2007 to: Larry Nass 29th Bomb Group Reunion Co-Chairman 4170 West Gary Drive Chandler, AZ 85226

Name: Paul E. Milling     Date Posted: Jun 02, 2007
Comments: Hi, as a member of the 43rd squadron and radio operator with Captain Marchesi I was delighted to see your web-site. Lots of memories pop-up

Name: Rick Kuspis     Date Posted: May 29, 2007
Comments: My father was a tail gunner on the Madolyn II anybody that has any information on the missions and crew please forward it to me. His name is Peter Kuspis any information would be helpful. thanks

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: May 25, 2007
Comments: Lets all give fond and respectful remembrance to all of the Honor Crews along with the members of the 29th who have passed this past year....God Bless them all!!!!

Name: Paul E Milling     Date Posted: May 24, 2007
Comments: I am one of only three left of Marchesi's crew. If God allows, I will be at the next reunion. We had our own reunions up and until 2000. Hopefully I am still going strong. Paul Milling

Name: Brian Keith Jorgenson     Date Posted: May 18, 2007
Comments: My dad, Thorman D Jorgenson, flew aboard the Arkansa Traveler with Dick Mansfield. I'll be back to the site in the near future, as I'm doing research on his life in WWII.

Name: Jo Ann Owens-McLevis     Date Posted: Apr 19, 2007
Comments: This is an expression of HUGE gratitude to and appreciation of Joe Chovelak, one of Historians of this website. On April 14, 2007 I posted an inquiry about my father's service in the 29th and within 2 days received a reply email with information. On April 17th, just 3 days after my post, Joe called me with great information and stated he would be sending me documents. How wonderful! That was so much more than I ever expected from my post so you can imagine my delight when Joe offered to help me even further. Thank you Joe and bless your heart!!! Sincerely, Jo Ann & Tony

Name: Carl Mazorek     Date Posted: Apr 16, 2007
Comments: Rudy Mazorek was my uncle, and I never had a chance to know him. We know he was killed in the tail gun position but his plane made it back to base. Two of his high school friends were in the Sea Bees and were there when he was brought out of the plane. That's really all I know, and I would be grateful if anyone here who knew Rudy could tell us about his crew, his time with the squadron, and what happened on his last mission.

Name: Jo Ann Owens-McLevis     Date Posted: Apr 14, 2007
Comments: I have recently recieved Air Force records (limited as they are) for my long deceased father, Walter P. Owens. The records state that he was a M/Sgt and served in the Japan Air Offensive; 43rd Bombardment Squadron & 29th Bombardment Group as Aerial Engineer on B-17s (1943) and B-29s (1944; Disharged Nov 1945. It also lists speciality of Airplane Flight Chief. The records are limited, and I am sincerely hoping to learn more about him or his service through this board where perhaps others may have known him, thanks. And, a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who have served our country and the family members who have supported our servicemen!

Name: Kurt W. Congero     Date Posted: Apr 07, 2007
Comments: I'm the nephew of Arthur Morretta Tailgunner who was KIA in an air collision accident 06/20/45 Mission #212, 29th BG, B29-#44-69881 in Shizuoka Abe country South-Warashina village MAKIGAYA valley Shizuoka city area. My 79 yr old mother still misses him everyday. God Bless Him.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Apr 06, 2007
Comments: Wishing all of The Honor Crews and the 29th BG family a joyus Easter !!!!

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Mar 28, 2007
Comments: Jim Livingood, 29th BG, 6th SQ, died today. Jim was one of the 29th Bomb Group Historians and will be sorely missed. He was my best friend in the AAF during WW 2 and in the post WW 2 Era.

Name: Scott     Date Posted: Mar 14, 2007
Comments: I cant thank the men and women of WWII Enough. Ever since I attended the National WWII Memorial dedication in 2004, and met so many WWII veterans, I have been collecting stories from WWII veterans. During this time I have also made a video in honor of all who served during WWII. The video showcases different WWII Museums and Memorials and is set to some big band and WWII era songs. The hopes of this video are not only to thank each of you, but to also present a couple of places you may not have had the chance to visit yet, while listening to some wonderful music. This video is FREE, you pay nothing, however I would appreciate any written stories or copied pictures anyone would like to share. Whether it is one page or 300 pages, anything at all would be wonderful, and I will pay for the postage. Thank you Please contact me with any questions. Scott Ramsey

Name: Gary A. Keith     Date Posted: Mar 14, 2007
Comments: Nice website. "Govern Field, Idaho" is actually Gowen Field, Idaho. I hope this helps

Name: Richard E. Suppan     Date Posted: Mar 14, 2007
Comments: Does anyone know what became of H.A. Salm, commander of Easy Aces? That was my plane. RE Suppan

Name: Major Norman M. Lefritz     Date Posted: Mar 02, 2007
Comments: I was part of the 29th bomb group between may 1945 to the end of the war. Aircraft Commander Hornbeck Co-Pilot (Me) LT Norman M. Lefritz B-29 was City of St. Louis

Name: ronald c ball     Date Posted: Feb 24, 2007
Comments: I would like to see if their is any info on the plane called the oklahoma my dad was a nav on this plane.

Name: JOSEPH SAVKO     Date Posted: Feb 10, 2007

Name: EKESON GUYMAN     Date Posted: Feb 05, 2007

Name: Billie Rosheim Lacy     Date Posted: Feb 02, 2007
Comments: My first visit to this site. It is wonderful. My uncle was Royal Rosheim, on Cherry the Horizontal Cat. He was lost on 3/10/45 over Tokyo. I am impressed with the infomation I found on this site.

Name: bob mc carthy     Date Posted: Jan 28, 2007
Comments: somebody say something. almost a month and no comment

Name: Robin Pritchard     Date Posted: Jan 26, 2007
Comments: I entered this message originally in July 2006. I am just posting it here again in the hopes it may still be seen. Thank you. Comments: CAMP and SPENCER Mason, Mom--Hattie S. Mason, Dad--Francis S. Mason. I am hoping to get the attention of a man who posted here back in 2003, but did not leave any contact information. His friend, Camp Mason, was the brother of Spencer Mason, who went down with my Uncle's crew on March 9-10,1945 over Tokyo. The whole crew was MIA/KIA. My Uncle is George Robert Loughborough. He flew with the Johnson crew in WWII. We are finding out more information regarding the crash and would like to find any of Spencer's living relatives. I am hoping this friend of Camp's can help us. Thank you. To whoever is Camp Mason's friend, if you do not wish to put your email address here, PLEASE, send me an email. My email is listed above. I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks again!

Name: Fred H. Just     Date Posted: Jan 25, 2007
Comments: My Father George Just Was with Headquarters (operations) And has his picture taken by some 29th BG planes. Great web site, Fred Just proud son.

Name: George Shiner     Date Posted: Jan 23, 2007
Comments: Request information on the name of the Bomber Command, Bomber Wing, Bomb Group, and Squadron at North Field, Guam in 1947.

Name: Herbert Schnipper     Date Posted: Jan 05, 2007
Comments: Hello

Name: Charles T Connolly     Date Posted: Dec 24, 2006
Comments: Looking for information on Charles T.Connolly, who I believe I was named after. ( My Father's brother)thank you!

Name: ken carlyle     Date Posted: Dec 19, 2006
Comments: My uncle Frank Urso(bombadier)was killed just before the war ended. I would like to hear anything about him. any info at all thanks so much, ken

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Dec 18, 2006
Comments: Please let us all remember lost all of our departed comrades of the 29th...we enjoy today what they sacrificed for so long ago...Rest In Peace!!!!

Name: Bill (Leon W.) Markulic     Date Posted: Dec 14, 2006
Comments: Cpl.Leon E. Czarnecki was an Uncle I will never meet in this life. I have read the articles about his capture and death. If anyone remembers him please contact me.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Dec 14, 2006
Comments: Wishing everyone in the 29th family a joyous Christmas!!! You are all special to me!!

Name: Robin Pritchard     Date Posted: Dec 07, 2006
Comments: I just wanted to say that the B29th Group is an amazing group of men. I have spoken with a few of you over the past year or 2 and you have always been so helpful. You still care about your fallen comrades and do for them what they would have done for you, if the situation had been reversed. You were truly a remarkable and close group of men, very dedicated and very loyal to one another. We don't find that so often today. I was not at the reunion but understand you all had a wonderful time! Take care of yourselves and God Bless You and Merry Christmas, too!

Name: todd combs     Date Posted: Dec 02, 2006
Comments: my uncle donald combs was on the crowcroft crew lost over Nagoya in Mya of 45. There wer two survivors. anyone have any information please contact me

Name: David L. Perry     Date Posted: Nov 30, 2006
Comments: As an amateur historian of the Pacific campaign and a veteran of the USAF, having served in PACAF (13th Air Force, 314/374th TAW, CCKROCAFB, Taiwan)during the Viet Nam War, I always appreciate finding new and exciting information.

Name: Leigh (Deibler) Bryan     Date Posted: Nov 27, 2006
Comments: My father is Max Deibler who passed away 11 years ago. Because my father did not talk about his activity in World War II, I was hoping to hear from someone who knew him during that time. Please reply.

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2006
Comments: Home from Vegas safe and sound. Thank you all for putting up with me.

Name: Joseph L Smith     Date Posted: Oct 26, 2006
Comments: I was on Max Deibler crew, flew 32 missions and 26 over North Korea with 19'th, Bunked with Simeral's crew. Hats off to Ewo Jima, it saved our buts and allowed us to get home to Guam.

Name: Joe McCarthy     Date Posted: Oct 12, 2006
Comments: I am proud of my Father, and his fellow 29th Bomb Group members! Thank you all!!! God Bless you.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Oct 12, 2006
Comments: I am looking for any contact with any family of The Wyatt Crew

Name: Deborah Aiudi     Date Posted: Oct 02, 2006
Comments: Granddaughter of Capt. Henry A. Heyke, 43rd BS, 29th BG, City of Hartford. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather. Thanks for this website!

Name: Dan Dupre     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2006
Comments: The Sarasota Herald Tribune recently ran an article written by Abby Weingarten about Marvin Demanzuk a radar officer from the 60'th Squadron, 39'th BG Guam. The article is entitled "Airman Worked Bomber's Radar."

Name: Dan Dupre     Date Posted: Sep 26, 2006
Comments: My dad was in the 43'rd and my aunt, his sister, just dug up some great photos from Guam. There is a nice shot of a 29 called Jolly Bette. Apparently some of the guys used to beer bottle feed the monkeys, very touching photo indeed. I'll post them in the memorabilia room in Vegas if I can make it.

Name: bob mc carthy     Date Posted: Sep 16, 2006
Comments: when are we going to update this site? when are we going to list obits? who's still with us? who's gone?

Name: Sharon Gagnon     Date Posted: Sep 12, 2006
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful site. Henry A Heyke was my husband's uncle. His plane was nicknamed "City of Hartford". We have a couple of old newspaper articles and photos, we also have a letter he wrote. Regards, Sharon Gagnon

Name: Kim     Date Posted: Sep 11, 2006

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Name: Don Simpson     Date Posted: Aug 15, 2006
Comments: I was going through a cigar box of political campaign buttons that belonged to my stepdad's mother. Among them was a button with picture of a rabbit (I think) wearing boxing gloves and riding on a bomb. Underneath the picture was the words "29th Bombardment Squadron." This piqued my interest, so I "Googled" that and came up with your website. Regards, DLS

Name: Richard Holliday     Date Posted: Aug 13, 2006
Comments: Nephew of Arnold G. Holliday; Radio Operator, 43rd BS, 29th BG "THE CITY OF MILES CITY"

Name: Eric w. Homyak     Date Posted: Jul 31, 2006
Comments: Thank you for finding some infomation on the 29th bomb group. Because I was tring to find some information on my grandfathers brother.

Name: Eric w. Homyak     Date Posted: Jul 31, 2006
Comments: Thank you for finding some infomation on the 29th bomb group. Because I was tring to find some information on my grandfathers brother.

Name:     Date Posted: Jul 25, 2006
Comments: CAMP and SPENCER Mason, Mom--Hattie S. Mason, Dad--Francis S. Mason. I am hoping to get the attention of a man who posted here back in 2003, but did not leave any contact information. His friend, Camp Mason, was the brother of Spencer Mason, who went down with my Uncle's crew on March 9-10,1945 over Tokyo. The whole crew was MIA/KIA. My Uncle is George Robert Loughborough. He flew with the Johnson crew in WWII. We are finding out more information regarding the crash and would like to find any of Spencer's living relatives. I am hoping this friend of Camp's can help us. Thank you. To whoever is Camp Mason's friend, if you do not wish to put your email address here, PLEASE, send me an email. My email is listed above. I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks again!

Name: adamu     Date Posted: Jul 21, 2006
Comments: nice site keep offff

Name: Max     Date Posted: Jul 21, 2006

Name: Arthur Schlitz     Date Posted: Jul 08, 2006
Comments: 20th Bomb Command 468 Gp God Bless the 243 MEN we lost China Burma India Tinian--We will not forget them. 1944-1945

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Jul 04, 2006
Comments: Hope you're all enjoying the day as I am. It's a heck of a lot better than it was in '45 when we went on a night burn to Tokashima.

Name: Robin Pritchard     Date Posted: Jul 03, 2006
Comments: I just wanted to say Happy 4th to all of you! God Bless America!

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Jul 03, 2006
Comments: Here's to all members of the 29th family....Happy 4th of July!! God bless everyone!!!!

Name: Walter J. Glowacki     Date Posted: Jun 26, 2006
Comments: Looking forward to seeing friends in Las Vagas.

Name: carmine m picioccio     Date Posted: Jun 26, 2006
Comments: see you soon in las vegas hopefully!

Name: Lloyd A. Lee     Date Posted: Jun 19, 2006
Comments: I am looking forward to the 2006 Reunion. And it appears that my family is also planning to attend.Lloyd Lee, Pilot on Johnson's Crew.

Name: nick scott     Date Posted: Jun 14, 2006
Comments: my grandfather was in the 29th on guam. he was a photographer aboard b-29s, i'm currently in the process of scanning what photos i have of his. I would also love for anyone who knew him to contact me. His name was Henry Edward Saunders, from high point, nc.

Name: Joe Flores     Date Posted: Jun 10, 2006
Comments: Sorry for the short notice invite. Basic Military Training is renaming all the Recruit Housing and training squadorns. The 320th Training Squadron was chosen to be renamed the MSgt Henry "Red" Erwin Training Complex. This great event is happening on the 14th of June 2006 at 0930 at Lackland AFB at the Parade Field, and then an unveiling ceremony in the squadron area. If you would like to attend you can e-mail me or call (210)671-2423 DSN 473. The uniform will be buisness attire. Thank you, and we hope some of you will be able to attend.

Name: Raymond A. Stevens     Date Posted: Jun 07, 2006
Comments: First time to use the 29th bg web page. Very interesting.

Name: Gordon H. Ruehs     Date Posted: Jun 07, 2006
Comments: Thanks for establishing this website honoring these dedicated airmen including my late brother, Robert H. Ruehs.

Name: Peggy Harbour Dattilo     Date Posted: Jun 06, 2006
Comments: Cousin of Shelva Harbour. I will always remember the grief felt by Shelva's family. I also remember the extreme pride.

Name: Susan Little     Date Posted: May 23, 2006
Comments: Looking to contact any of 69691 aka Tiny Tim ground crew (or family members of) that would have prepped plane for Tokyo raid 9/10/45. Trying to determine when John Puglisi (my grandfather) joined crew. Thanks

Name: LLOYD A. LEE     Date Posted: May 21, 2006
Comments: Looking forward to our reunion in November 2006 in Las Vegas. Thanks for all your efforts in organizing this reunion.

Name: Jackie Rigey     Date Posted: May 20, 2006
Comments: have been looking for a group that was stationed on Guam. My father Morris E. Cox was on Guam during WWII and was with a B-29 flight crew, I believe in the 314th? He passed away Jan 1, 2006 and his military records have been lost. He had a friend named Overstreet, and I would like to find some of his friend that knew him.

Name: Gene Stadelman     Date Posted: May 19, 2006
Comments: My Dad served in the 314th/29th BG on Guam in 1945.

Name: Susan Little     Date Posted: May 14, 2006
Comments: A great site to remember all those who were lost. My grandfather was John Puglisi who was part of the Johnson crew lost in Japan.

Name: Jerry Yellin     Date Posted: May 13, 2006
Comments: I was a P-51 pilot flying from Iwo Jima, on the 1st escorted mission on April 7, 1945 and the last fighter sweep on Aug. 14, 1945. I will be honoring members of your Group in Shizuoka, Japan on June 17, 2006 and would like to share my experiences with you at your convention in Las Vegas in November. My book, Of War and Weddings is available at Amazon I am very interested in writing the story of the 2 B-29's that collided and went down on June 20, 1945 in Shizuoka. Thanks, Jerry Yellin

Name: Ken Fine     Date Posted: May 12, 2006
Comments: Enjoyed your site. Would like to contact Joe Chovelak, Historian. Could you please forward to him? Thanks

Name: Dr Dan Kuehl     Date Posted: May 06, 2006
Comments: I saw Curt Perry's post about his Dad, Earl. I am a Ret LtCol, USAF, and wrote my PhD dissertation on Radar Countermeasures--RCM--in WW II and Korea. I would love to contact anyone who did or has knowledge of the RCM efforts in the 29th BGp. I'm a professor at the National Defense University and still trying to write my book on this topic! Thanks in advance, and kudos on a first-rate website. Dan Kuehl

Name: Igboman     Date Posted: May 05, 2006
Comments: Comments: Ego A Igboman, Jr. was my father,. They served together and my brother was named after him.

Name: Wade Rugg     Date Posted: May 04, 2006
Comments: Edwin A Rodeheffer, Jr. was my father's best friend, 2LT Harry L Rugg. They served together and my brother was named after him.

Name: David Oberlin     Date Posted: May 03, 2006
Comments: Really enjoy your site. My uncle Len Round was a right gunner on replacement crew 9. I always look forward to family get togethers to listen to his stories. Keep up the good work.

Name: Nick Anton     Date Posted: May 01, 2006
Comments: Glad to hear about the next reunion. Please list and my wife as planning to attened the Las Vegas reunion. Hope all goes well. Nick Anton

Name: Gilbert M. Lichte     Date Posted: Apr 27, 2006
Comments: I was an AC in the 6th Bomb Squadron from October 1944 to October 1945. If anyone was in the 6th and knows or knew any of my crew and their where abouts, I would appreciate a contact. Good luck with the reunion this summer. God bless all of you. Gil

Name: Bill Weidert     Date Posted: Apr 23, 2006
Comments: I am looking for information on Sgt. Chester W. Stock, my deceased mother-in-laws first husband. He was apparently part of the 29th Bomber Group, 6th Squadron from Gowen Field-Boise. While on training mission over Wyoming on April 14, 1943 the plane experienced engine problems and went down with all lives lost. This happened hear Dubois, Wyoming.

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Apr 15, 2006
Comments: I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the crew or plane named "Cherry the Horizontal Cat"....was part of the 52nd...if not any pictures did anyone know them?...They were lost on the March 10th raid on Tokyo....any help is greatly appreciated!!

Name: MGBADA EZEIGBO     Date Posted: Apr 13, 2006

Name: lRobert S. combs     Date Posted: Apr 12, 2006
Comments: great site, keep up the good work.

Name: F James Beam     Date Posted: Apr 07, 2006
Comments: I am looking for information on my father, Andrew S Beam. He was a tailgunner on the B29 stationed England during WWII. Later stationed Guam and Merced, Castle AFB.

Name: Raymond A. Stevens     Date Posted: Mar 27, 2006
Comments: Happy to be a guest for the first time.Ray Group Aircraft Inspector

Name: ALLAN R. SAWYER     Date Posted: Mar 27, 2006

Name: Clarence "Ed" Davis     Date Posted: Mar 24, 2006
Comments: I went to Guam as a member of the ground crew in 1945 aboard the U.S. Gen. Brackenridge. There were 5500 men aboard. Almost all became sea sick. I have many good memories of the fine men with whom I served. I am 82 years old, realize the tremendous amount of work that has gone into the construction of this web site, and am most appreciative of the effort. It has certainly brought back many memories. I was in the 6th Squadron and still correspond with Robert Eaker who was in the 43rd and who lives in Owatonna, Minnesota. I'm looking forward to checking this site many times in the future; it's a good one. Clarence Ed Davis

Name:     Date Posted: Mar 24, 2006
Comments: You gentlemen have done a great job gathering all this data. Thank you! Jack Nair now has mid-stage Alzheimer's and unfortunately does not remember his years in the service. He was on Shaffer's crew as bombardier on the "Oily Boid." Donnie Nair(his wife since 1946.)

Name: Michael Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2006
Comments: On this the 10th of March i would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to all crews lost on this day in 1945 on the mission to Tokyo...they will always be remembered.

Name: James     Date Posted: Mar 07, 2006
Comments: Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.

Name: Michael C Salvini     Date Posted: Mar 06, 2006
Comments: I would like to say to Joe and all members of the family expresses our deepest gratitude for learning of the details about Robert Sparks and of all that you gentleman have done for our great country....without you r generations sacrifice we would not be living the lives we have today....all your comrades will always be remembered with the utmost respect!!!!!

Name: Percy Glenn King     Date Posted: Mar 05, 2006
Comments: The following members of the Henry W. (Hank)Youngquist Crew that served on Saipan -73rd BW-and Guam -314th BW, 29th BG- have still not been located: Pilot - Lt Gunnar Johnson Flight Engineer - Lt Dale -Hump-Humpert -- had pilots wings -- AG Gunner - Ssgt Eugene H. Brotherton Can anyone help us determine the status of these yet-to-be-located compatriots? Contact: Glenn King, Director, 29th Bomb Group Association, 931/924-2845 PO Box 282, Monteagle, TN 37356

Name: Beverly Leifer     Date Posted: Feb 24, 2006
Comments: Thank you to Joan and Joe for searching so diligently for my father's cousin Irvin Leifer and finding me. Also, my gratitude to all the members of the 29th for fighting in WWII and securing freedom throughout the world. God bless.

Name: Michael C Salvini     Date Posted: Feb 24, 2006
Comments: Hello again this Michael 3rd cousin Robert Sparks died on 10Mar45 which i have read on your site that was a incendiary raid over Tokyo....i'm trying to piece together what happened so if anyone can contribute any information wil be deeply and honorably appreciated!!

Name: Michael C Salvini     Date Posted: Feb 20, 2006
Comments: I am a 3rd cousin of Cpl. Robert Sparks who was a gunner on a B-29 that i hear from relatives that was shot down over the Marshall Islands in March of 44 i believe....i wish that i had more info to share but if anyone recognizes the name or date please email me whatever information you may will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Name: "knobby" (29th)Ellison     Date Posted: Feb 19, 2006
Comments: lookin good

Name: Earl R Greve     Date Posted: Feb 12, 2006
Comments: Was a sergeant in the 6th squadron, 29th bg and only found this website. Had no knowledge of reunion program. Please add me to the mailing list

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: Feb 11, 2006
Comments: I was a Q-13 radar mechanic, on Guam, from March to Dec 1945. It would be good to hear from any former fellow mechanics or their offspring. Maybe we exchange some photos.

Name: Asaba Owerri     Date Posted: Feb 03, 2006

Name: Curt Perry     Date Posted: Jan 24, 2006
Comments: My father is Capt. Earl M Perry; Group Radar Countermeasures Officer for the 29th Group. His aircraft was named CITY OF PIPESTONE. I'm still looking for a picture(s) of this ship. Help !

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Jan 23, 2006
Comments: I was tail gunner on Harry Hayes crew 43rd sqdn. 35 missions completed. I have the highest respect for our outfit. Don't let cheap advertisers wreck it!!!! Delete them.

Name: B. Homyak Barnhart     Date Posted: Jan 19, 2006
Comments: My brother was Eugene A. Homyak. I have so little about his death, altho I did read some info in Washington D.C. I would like to contact anyone about him. He was shot down during the Japan firebombings, survived and later was killed in a Japanese camp.

Name: Stewart P. Blumsack     Date Posted: Jan 15, 2006
Comments: I am the son of Cpl. Abraham Becker. I just returned from the memorial at PunchBowl in Honolulu (very impressive)and I'm interested in learning more about my father who went died in May, 1945. I was born in June, 1945.

Name: paul s. titlow     Date Posted: Jan 13, 2006
Comments: Hello, my father, staff sergeant paul c. titlow served as an radio operator during 1944 to 1945 on guam with the 6th bomb squadron. he passed away last may and had full honors. i am looking for any information of history of his time there. i have some group photos beside various planes but he never talked about them or the planes. any thing regarding nose art or plane assignment would be helpfull for me in designing a memorial for him. thank you, paul titlow

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Jan 11, 2006
Comments: The site is looking great! Just a couple notes. This site and members of the 29th BG have helped me find 6 of the 15 families I have been looking for over the past five years. These remain;Roy Winzer,Orange Grove, Calif., John Osner, St.Charles,Mo.,William Sage, Detroit, Shelva Harbour, Detroit, Rex Ford,Memphis,Warren Allen, South Gate,Calif.,Borden March, Amarillo,Texas, William Boren, Jackson, Miss. If by chance you recoginize any of these names, please contact me any time. These are some of the men on the Ward crew, lost in a training mission on the way to Puerto Rico, Jan.8,1945 in the Bermuda Triangle. The story is now on amazon in the book section. Simply type in the title, B-29, The Lost Flight of 428.Thank you to all who started and maintain this site, it has been a treasure to me. I look forward to the next reunion. Tim Geary. The Ward crew 6-12, 29th BG.

Name: Mike & Margret Wise     Date Posted: Jan 03, 2006
Comments: My Father and father-inlaw, Enos Wise was in the 29th bomber group. Glad you have this site. Thank You!

Name: DONNA ANN LEHR     Date Posted: Jan 03, 2006

Name: Betty King     Date Posted: Dec 03, 2005
Comments: just wanted to say thank's to all of you including my husband, Glenn, who served on B-29's during WW 2. The freedoms we enjoy today are because of the sacrifices that you and many others made around the world during WW 2. I am sorry that I never got around to thanking Fred Pawlikowski for making me feel so welcome at the 29th Bomb Group Reunions. I have so enjoyed those reunions, and I'm so proud of this marvelous Web Site.

Name: Bill Enderland     Date Posted: Nov 30, 2005
Comments: My Father, Ken Enderland was in the South Pacific Theater. He was in the Army and was a mechanic working on the B-29 attached to the 29th Bomb Group.

Name: MARY JO HEALY     Date Posted: Nov 27, 2005
Comments: Since reading James Bradley's book, Flyboys, I am researching the fate of mother's fiance, George R. (Bob)Loughborough. On your website I found a photo I have not seen in 40 years - the "lost crew" of Johnson. And there was Bob. My Mom still thinks of him & has always wondered about his fate. Details were few and sparse in those days. She has always kept in close contact with his family. Does anyone have any information about him?

Name: Hayden F Washington     Date Posted: Nov 17, 2005
Comments: Information about Russell Smith crew.

Name: PERRY BRIGHT     Date Posted: Nov 16, 2005

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Nov 14, 2005
Comments: To correct inadvertant error in my posting of 11/10/05 -- Our crew was on Guam, not Saipan as incorrectly stated, when we were with the 29th Bomb Group.

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Nov 10, 2005
Comments: The Henry W.(Hank)Youngquist crewmembers are still searching for a few members not yet located. Hank and I, with help from others, have located or learned the status of most of the crews from training at McDill in 1945, assignment with the 73rd Bomb Wing (499 Gp) on Saipan, and later as a replacement crew with the 314th Bomb Wing (29th Gp, 52nd Sq)on Saipan. Some of us were together during all these assignments and others were with us at different times as replacements. We would like to hear from any of you not yet contacted by us. Percy (Glenn) King, crew Radio Operator, presently a Director of the 29th Bomb Group Association, PO Box 282, Monteagle,TN 37356, phone 931/924-2845 or at the above e-mail address.

Name: Cynthia Jacob Madere     Date Posted: Oct 26, 2005
Comments: My father S/Sgt Robert C. Jacob was a B29 flight engineer in 29th bomb group, 6th bomb squadron. Would anyone know any who may have flown with him. He passed away several years ago. Thank all of you for having served.

Name: Carole Christensen Buck     Date Posted: Oct 14, 2005
Comments: I am the step sister of Robert P. Davis who was killed on 5/14/1945.We have some letters and correspondence including a letter from Don McCauley written to Bob's and my mother after the death of Bobby. We will be intouch with Joe Chovelak to forward them to be added to the collection.

Name: Bruce Feinstein     Date Posted: Oct 11, 2005
Comments: I am looking for information on J.P. Rogers. He was in the 52nd Bomb Squadron. Thanks

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Sep 28, 2005
Comments: Reschedule meeting: This is an emergency: Let Robbie decide. He will be fair and considerate.

Name: Clarence E. Davis     Date Posted: Sep 11, 2005
Comments: I was a dispatcher in transportation in the 29th Bomb Group,6th Squadron from 1943 to 1946. Scanning this web site, I found the name of a person who drove for me at Guam. I am now able to correspond with his son. Thanks so much for this web site.

Name: Patricia Dostalek     Date Posted: Sep 10, 2005
Comments: This is my first visit to the website. I amsorry to hear the reunion is off for this year. My thanks to the organizers. Thank you to all the 29 Bomb Goup members, past and present for your service to us all. Duaghter of Paul Dostalek, Patty

Name: joe simmons     Date Posted: Sep 03, 2005
Comments: Anyone out there acquainted with T/Sgt Paul James Simmons who flew as Engineer on B-29 "Slick Chick". Was lost in combat 10 March 1945

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Sep 02, 2005
Comments: The New Orleans Visitors and Convention Bureau has cancelled all meetings in New Orleans through December 31st. In addition, the New Orleans airport is officially closed at least until October 31st. The Bureau suggested each person contact their airline to determine reimbursement for flights. Allan Pawlikowski will be sending out a letter next week announcing the New Orleans Reunion 2005 cancellation. We will include any information on cancelling hotel reservations in the letter. At this point I don't know what plans there are for the next reunion. I am so sorry. Sue Nass

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Aug 31, 2005
Comments: Harold P. Storhaug past away 8-29-05 He flew 35 combat missions as radio op. on Harry Hayes crew 43 sq. 29 gp.

Name: Alan Widmayer     Date Posted: Aug 18, 2005
Comments: My father flew with the great and honorable men of the City of Los Angeles.

Name: rob buck     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2005
Comments: Looking for information on my uncle robert P Davis 6th bomb squadron. Thanks Rob Buck

Name: Elmer L Lake     Date Posted: Aug 07, 2005
Comments: Alan ! Thank you for all you do to keep the 29th going. I gave your dad a list of my crew, but none seem to be arround.

Name: Lisa     Date Posted: Aug 04, 2005
Comments: Looking for any info on the following pilots: Gerald/Jerry Torgerson Robert E McAlister Billy Heisler Al Posner If anyone recognizes any of those names, please contact me and thank you!!

Name: Lisa Showers     Date Posted: Jul 28, 2005
Comments: My parents were neighbors of the Donald Osterholm family from Waverly, Iowa. They were honored to have known the family..

Name: Earl M. Perry     Date Posted: Jul 26, 2005
Comments: Group RCM

Name: Mary Marshall     Date Posted: Jul 18, 2005
Comments: Am planning on visiting the 2005 reunion in New Orleans. Just toured the Boeing hangar in Wichita where DOC is being restored. Took lots of pictures and will have them at the reunion. My brother was James K. Purdon, 52nd BS, 29 BG, 314th Air Wing - shot down over Tokyo in March 1945.

Name: randy snyder     Date Posted: Jul 06, 2005
Comments: I have read Ben Robertson's book. It is beautifully written and not to be missed. I extend to all members of the 29th Bg my utmost respect for a job well done!

Name: E.L. "BUD " LAKE     Date Posted: Jul 04, 2005
Comments: Allan , Thanks for all you and the others do to keep the 29th going..I will post my thoughts on this site later 43rd Sqd Bud Lake

Name: Lloyd A. Lee     Date Posted: Jul 03, 2005
Comments: My compliments to you on this website. I was the pilot on Arthur Johnson's crew. You have a copy of my memoirs of WWII In the file that I sent to Joe Chovelak. As I write this, there are only three of the crew still living: myself, Al Turill, and John Eckart......tail gunner and right gunner respectively. Stay in touch.

Name: B. J. Van Sandt     Date Posted: Jul 02, 2005
Comments: Dear Allan, Just received your June Newsletter and just wanted to thank you for the hospitality and assistance you and Joe rendered to my daughter Denise Van Sandt Boyd at the last reunion. Will be sending my dues soon and regret that we are not able to travel anymore. Best wishes for a successful reunion in New Orleans!!

Name: RUSS HAYCOOK S/SGT     Date Posted: Jul 02, 2005

Name: VMC     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2005
Comments: My dad was a Sergent on Saipan in 1945 he work on the B29.

Name: Dave Miller     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2005
Comments: My father was a B29 navigator and a 1st liutenet. He really loved that bomber and made 14 modles of it. He still dewll on the war days.

Name: Alan     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2005
Comments: My grandfather was a B17 man. But toward the end of 1944 he was trained on the B29,but never sent to the Pacific.

Name: Alan Kordzikowski     Date Posted: Jun 30, 2005
Comments: My grandfather was a B17 man. But toward the end of 1944 he was trained on the B29,but never sent to the Pacific.

Name: Felix Probandt     Date Posted: Jun 29, 2005
Comments: Nice website! This is my initial exposure the site.Incidentally, I was the CFC gunner on Salm's crew, 6th Sq.

Name: Ballard L. Peyton     Date Posted: Jun 22, 2005
Comments: I was a radar mechanic in the 6th Bomb Sqd.,29th Bomb Group at North Field on Guam from Feb,1945 until the war ended and was then appointed Acting First Sergeant of the 6th Squadron until I accumulated enough points to come home in Feb. 1946. I would really like to hear from anyone who served with me at that time as they were all a fine group of men and I still think of them all these years later.

Name: Jesse Lee Underwood Jr.     Date Posted: Jun 14, 2005
Comments: My Dad, Jesse Lee Underwood was a Medic for the 29th Bomb Group. He drove one of the old Crackerbox ambulances. Unfortunately he passed away 25 years ago so I don't have a lot of details. I do remember his stories of the returning planes which were badly shot up and he would have to go in and remove injured or dead crewmembers. Thanks for having this site. It helps fill a hole in my Dad's life that none of us knew much about!

Name: Meredith     Date Posted: Jun 13, 2005
Comments: My great-uncle is Capt. Irving H. Ward of the the 6th Bombardment Squadron. His plane went down off the coast off Florida in 1945 and was never found. I recently found a wonderful picture of him and his crew in front of the bomber. It was sent to his parents by the War Department after he was reported missing. If you have information, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Name: mo     Date Posted: Jun 05, 2005
Comments: My apologies, I located my father-in-law's name in your Honor List. I may have a picture of 'his' bomber if you're interested? Please email me at this address

Name: mo     Date Posted: Jun 05, 2005
Comments: Interested in getting your newsletters. Your yahoo email address does not seem to work. My husband's Dad (not on your lists) was killed over Japan in 1945 in a B29

Name: Clifton Wiederhold     Date Posted: Jun 01, 2005
Comments: I was a Prop Specialist stationed on the island of Tinian. I was in the 680 bombardment group. I have photos of the aircraft I worked on and am looking for other members of my group and would like to share photos.

Name: bill     Date Posted: May 26, 2005
Comments: Wow! Your website is wonderful and very interesting! You should be very proud of yourself and your writing. Good luck! Best regards, Bill

Name: joseph savko     Date Posted: May 24, 2005
Comments: Informative Incomplete Will Order CDROM

Name: joseph savko     Date Posted: May 24, 2005
Comments: informative,but incomplete see 39BG 60BS

Name: Thomas M. Finholm     Date Posted: May 21, 2005
Comments: Why is Red Ewing's name missing from the list of honors?

Name: Brett Richardson     Date Posted: May 20, 2005
Comments: What a great site! My father, Max Richardson, was a navigator in the 314th Wing:29th BG: 6th Squadron on the B-29 The Natural. He was a 19 year old kid from Utah. He became a pilot and had a career as an airline pilot after 23 years in the Air Force. I am fascinated with the history of all the incredibly brave Americans who fought and gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers that skinny kid from Utah.

Name: Joanne Mantei     Date Posted: May 18, 2005
Comments: Looking for survivors of my Dad's plane that went down 7-12-45 calleld the Ginny Mia. There were survivors. Have been looking for years. He never saw my younger brother. My Mother has passed away. He did bombing runs on the oil fields in Japan ea. evening. Please...did anyone know him. There was a Milwaukee Journal Reporter on the plane and a priest from Milwaukee. My Dad's name was Irv (Sonny) Ameringer, Jr. We'd love to hear from you. I live in Spring Hill, FL.

Name: E.John Weller     Date Posted: May 18, 2005
Comments: KCSM a PBS has made a documentary on my crew's landing on Iwo in the middle of the battle.Avaiable phone 1-800-611-5276 We were B-24crew.Saw Nagasaghi blast 8-9-45

Name: molly     Date Posted: May 11, 2005
Comments: Since I posted my last message i have found more information on my grandfather. He was in the 52nd BS, 29th Bomb group. His name was Hugh Dickinson "Dick". Just looking for any one who knew him, or could possibly identify others in photos I have.

Name: William A. Hatcher     Date Posted: May 07, 2005
Comments: I am grateful for all the men I knew and felt honored to serve with them on Guam and Tinian, March, 1945, to February 1946, as a Q-13 Radar Mechanic, MOS 867. I was in the 29th BG, 6th Bomb Squadron.

Name: Gregory Sapara     Date Posted: May 06, 2005
Comments: Wonderful site! Thanks to all the brave crews who served in WW2. God Bless You all.

Name: David L. Lucy     Date Posted: May 05, 2005
Comments: My Dad, SGT Jesse J. Lucy served with the 43rd BS, Crew (93.3) I'm looking for any additional info about his service, Plane No.#, or people/crew members who may have served with him.

Name: Steven E. Lewis     Date Posted: May 04, 2005
Comments: My father, John M. Lewis, was a left waist gunner with the 314th, tail letter O.

Name: molly     Date Posted: Apr 27, 2005
Comments: My grandfather served in the 29th bomb group . Just looking for anyone who might have known him. He was not a pilot jsut part of the ground crew0..1We understand that he drove around the officers. His name was Hugh Dickinson. "Dick" Very funny lively friendly man.

Name: Brenda Marshall     Date Posted: Apr 20, 2005
Comments: I am trying to find information on my grandfather. I have alot of information, but is there an insignia/patch for the 73rd bombardment wing of the 883rd bombing squadron of the 500th bombing grouP? The only one I have seen is the 20th air force patch. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: aba owerri     Date Posted: Apr 07, 2005

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Apr 02, 2005
Comments: Comments: Henry W. (Hank) Youngquist crewmembers. We are still trying to locate several fellow crewmembers from training at McDill, assignment with the 73rd Bomb Wing (499th Sq)on Saipan in 1945, and as a replacement crew with the 29th Bomb Group on Guam. Hank and I have located most of the crew members but would like to hear from any others not yet contacted by us. Percy (Glenn) King, Director, 29th BG, 931/924-2845, PO Box 282, Monteagle, TN 37356, or at the above e-mail address.

Name: Richard "Dick" Suppan     Date Posted: Mar 07, 2005
Comments: Anyone from the 29th Bomb Group/6th Bomb Squadron - Easy As Aces - out there? I was a radio man. Dick Suppan Minneapolis, Minnesota

Name: Leroy Davis     Date Posted: Mar 04, 2005
Comments: I signed the book in December 2003. For anyone wishing to contact me, please note that my e-mail address has chantged. Thank you. Leroy Davis

Name: Charles C.HueyYour Name Here     Date Posted: Mar 03, 2005
Comments: I was bombardier on Vertal`s ship in 52nd Sq. Am trying to locate our radio operator, Robert G.Schultz. Believe his last known address was Milwaukee, WI. Not many of the crew left, and would like to contact him, if possible. Incidentally, it was our ship, flying deputy lead, which took over the lead when Simeral`s ship and Red Erwin, were forced to abort.Your Comments Here

Name: Elizabeth McCabe     Date Posted: Mar 02, 2005
Comments: I work at Pipestone County Museum in Pipestone,MN. Searching for more info on B29 commanded by 1st Lt. Henry J. Jolink (also went by John). Article with photo of plane called "City of Pipestone" (also told called Jolly Betty) dated July 19, 1945.Based in Guam. Was told 314 Bomber wing, 29 bomb group. Article says "City of Pipestone and her sister planes from Guam andother bases of the XXI Bomber command in the Marianas are shortening the war..." Appreciate any more info and maybe what happened to plane.

Name: Noble G. (Knobby) Ellison     Date Posted: Mar 01, 2005
Comments: To: Joseph C. Justice Sr: Your father-in-law, Roager E. Williams, was tail gunner on Thaacker's crew. I was crew chief. Although I flew some with them, remaining flicht crew members would remember him than I. If interested, I can give you their names and phone numbers. We, 29th BG, are having a reunion in New Orleans in October. We have a great time reminising and enjoying the planned activities. You and your wife should consider joining us. K 812-925-6582

Name: sylvester wilcy     Date Posted: Feb 21, 2005

Name: Deborah Busch     Date Posted: Feb 12, 2005
Comments: I am a relative of John W. Osner who was part of the 6th Bombordment. I am looking for any stories/memories that any surviving members may have of him. Bless you all for all that you sacrificed for us.

Name: Jeffrey Cerasano     Date Posted: Feb 10, 2005
Comments: To the 29th Bombardment Group, I am stationed at Lackland AFB Texas, we are having our Basic Training Dormitory dedicated as the Irwin Training Facility. In doing so I was trying to track down what the Mascot or name you all and the 52nd Bomb Squadron went by. I would like to adopt it as ours if possible. God Bless you all for your service.

Name: John Travis Smith     Date Posted: Feb 10, 2005
Comments: I am just curious, My grandfathers name was Archie L. Smith Jr. and I know that in world war 2 he was a tail gunner on a bomber, i am not sure if he was with this group or not but he was from north carolina if anyone could let me know.i saw his name on the 43 bombardment honor roll list.

Name: Armand and MaryAnn Ferraro     Date Posted: Feb 09, 2005
Comments: We've attended three reunions and look forward to the upcoming reunion in New Orleans - MaryAnn is the daughter of Harold Brennan who went down over Japan.

Name: Joan Blyth     Date Posted: Feb 01, 2005
Comments: I noticed John Robinson posted a message on Jan 30, 2005. I don't know if John has been in contact with Bill Willis who has organized a memorial for the Halteman crew on May 11, 2005 in Guam. However, since John R. Robinson was his great uncle, and John R. (Jack) was the flight engineer on the Halteman plane that went down, he might want to contact Joe Chovelak, the historian, who knows some of the history of his great-uncle. Good luck.

Name: Cedric Fowler     Date Posted: Jan 31, 2005
Comments: I was a Radar mechanic in the 43 Squadron, 29th Bomb Group on Guam 1945-46. I flew over to Guam with the Warren Johnson Crew. The Radar Operator became sick in California and I operated the Radar to Guam and went on practice missions with the crew up until 3 days before they were lost over Tokyo on March 10 1945. I have had e-mail contacts with some families of the crew and if there other families out there would be glad to have e-mail contact with you.

Name: John Robinson     Date Posted: Jan 30, 2005
Comments: Very nice site. I was named after John R. Robinson of the 52d. My grandfather was his brother. His plane went down on May 11th, 1945 during a mission. I am interested in learning more. Thanks.

Name: Constance Fox     Date Posted: Jan 28, 2005
Comments: My father Charles Walker Fox was the cousin of William H Isaac.

Name: Herman Oleshansky     Date Posted: Jan 14, 2005
Comments: Is Dostelak's crew going to be posted on this site (43rd bomb squadron, 29th bomb group)?

Name: Madolyn Myers Puntillo     Date Posted: Jan 11, 2005
Comments: The b-29 that my Dad (Capt Max Myers)flew was named Madolyn II after me. My nephew Maj Michael Myers told me of this web site

Name: Sue Nass     Date Posted: Jan 10, 2005
Comments: For Tom Comparetta: I believe the video you are looking for is called "Bomber Boys". My Dad, Don Nass (CFC Carter's crew) and I produced it for the 29th Bomb Group. Public Television picked it up nationally. It is available for purchase from Public TV by calling 1-800-545-4719. The pilot featured was Bob Ring and the tail gunner was Eddie Coughlin. Sue Nass Writer/Producer

Name: Andrew Carberry     Date Posted: Dec 30, 2004
Comments: My father, Finaly Carberry served with a bomber group on Guam during WWII. He was a B29 pilot, observer, and weights and balances officer. Coincidentally, I served in the US Navy as a Reactor Operator and Engineering Watch Supervisor on the USS Geo. Washington (SSBN 598) out of Guam from 1973 - 1979. I am a Vietnam era and end of cold war veteran. I have quite a few, large photos of various B29 aircraft and would like to determine from them the group my father served in. He is deceased. I know the aircraft had "T" or "V" on the tail. Any help would be appreciated. My father talked little of the war, as did most WWII veterans. I am very proud of him and all the WWII vets. Sincerely, Andrew Carberry

Name: Balalaika     Date Posted: Dec 30, 2004
Comments: Tankyou all people from Russia with love!

Name: Noble G. (Knobby)Ellison     Date Posted: Dec 13, 2004
Comments: Hello everyone, We on 1st.Lt. Willisom S. Buttfield's aricraft maintenance crew were extremely saddened by their loss over Nagoya April 7, '44. Since I was the last on the ground to talk with Bill, please let me know if you know of any of his family members. Thanks, "Knobby" 29th BG

Name: tom comparetta     Date Posted: Dec 03, 2004
Comments: am looking for video/dvd of 29th mission,that was on tv a few yrs ago.think a friend of mine might have been tail gunner.b29 was downed,some of crew was dedicated to a/c who died after filming of video.

Name: Joseph C Justice Sr     Date Posted: Nov 16, 2004
Comments: On the honors list there is a Robert B Williams(6th Bomb Sq)it probley should read Roger E Williams. He died in 1975 at the age of 55. He was one of the most intelligent person i ever knew. Does anyone know how i can get a copy of his military records showing his military awards. I would like to thank all the Airman who served with the 29th for their sacrafices during the time so that i and my family could be free. I served 21 years in the U S Air Force and am proud of my service to my country.

Name: Joseph C Justice Sr     Date Posted: Nov 16, 2004
Comments: My father-in-law Roger Williams served with the 6th Bomb Sq during WW11. He lived in Springfield, Ma all his life. His Plane was called the "City of Springfield" he was a tail gunner, if any remembers him or knows of him could you please contact me.

Name: Harold Storhaug     Date Posted: Oct 20, 2004
Comments: Radio Operator 43rd Bomb Sqdn. 29th Bomb Group. Hayes' Crew who completed 35 Bombing Missions in 1945

Name: Chad Cox     Date Posted: Oct 15, 2004
Comments: Thanks for providing a means for me to learn more about my Grandfather, S/Sgt Thomas Mack Cox, Sr. thanks to Mr. Ben Robertson, I've learned that Mack was a Left Gunner on Coates Crew. More to learn I'm sure. I will dedicate his service coat to the museum display at 20th AF HQ. I currently serve in 20 AF as the Logistics Support Superintendent. Thanks to all who served in the 29th for making it possible for all of us to live free. God bless you all!

Name: Curtis B. Perry     Date Posted: Oct 05, 2004
Comments: I am still looking for any information or a picture of the City of Pipestone.It was a 29th Group. 6th Bomb Squadron aircraft.

Name: Curtis B. Perry     Date Posted: Oct 05, 2004
Comments: My dad is Earl M. Perry (capt) Group Radar Countermeasures Officer for the 314th Bomb Wing.

Name: Bob McCarthy     Date Posted: Oct 05, 2004
Comments: tail gunner; Harry Hayes crew

Name: James A. Houston     Date Posted: Sep 30, 2004
Comments: Still looking for Kenneth C. Taylor, Bombardier on Culver's crew. Contact me at 614E. 107th Terr. Kansas City, MO 64131

Name: Norman E. Brake     Date Posted: Sep 20, 2004
Comments: Hi. I was a radar-navigator-bombardier with the 52 Sq on Bruce Bennett's crew. We flew our first combat mission on 24 Mar 45 and our last (31st) combat mission on 2 Sep 45. I was then assigned to the 73 wing, 499 Gp, 877 Sq, on Siapan for the Sunset Project to ferry a war weary aircraft home. We also brought 4 non crew members back home with us. I have great memories, some record and pictures.

Name: Michael Myers     Date Posted: Sep 07, 2004
Comments: Hello all. I am the grandson of Capt Max Myers, who along with other brave men flew the "City of Plainville". I would love to hear from anyone who might know more about my grandfather or his crew. Thanks for the great website!! - Maj Mike Myers, USMC

Name: Jamie P Houston     Date Posted: Sep 05, 2004
Comments: Thanks to those who put the time and effort into making such a great website. I really enjoyed the article here. I would be proud to attend the next meeting of the 29th BG Group with my father, who @ 82 is holding up well. Those calestenics he talks about are still a part of his daily regimen and has served him well. We were still playing one-on-one basketball when he was 60. I want to thank anyone who had a hand in keeping my father, James A Houston, (from St Louis, Missouri and Vallejo, California), alive during those years. I feel strongly about that as I would not be here otherwise. I have just returned from 10 months in Iraq and we see heroes and victims daily, but the Bomber Groups were tarets daily for the Japanese anti-aircraft. These men put their lives on the line daily to give us what we have now. They were real heroes. For all those who did not get a chance to meet their father or enjoy his company, I pray that you will have a sweet journey in heaven. Thanks for chance to share. JAMES P HOUSTON LTC, DENTAL CORPS Commanding

Name: Gary Maynard     Date Posted: Aug 10, 2004
Comments: I am making a correction on a message posted on August 9, 2004. My father, S/Sgt. E.J.A. Maynard was in the 52nd BS, 29th Bomb Group, 314th Bomb Wing of the 20th AAF. As Left Blister gunner, he served in 15 missions over Japan. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Gary Maynard     Date Posted: Aug 09, 2004
Comments: S/Sgt. E. J. A. Maynard is my father and he flew 15 missions over Japan from Guam. He was in the 52nd Bomb Sqdrn., 29th Bomb Grp., 52nd Bomb Wing. I think his plane was named 3 meatballs. Do you have any info?

Name: Lee C. Feil     Date Posted: Aug 05, 2004
Comments: Hello, I met Mr. Ben Robertson in Reno,NV at the USAM B-29 tent. I live in Pratt, KS where the 29th BG trained. I am also a member of the B-29 Memorial Group here in Pratt. Is it possible for non-vets to join your organization? I am glad you have a website and would be interested in a CD Rom. Sincerely, Lee Feil

Name: James A. Houston     Date Posted: Aug 05, 2004
Comments: I was a Navigator in the 6th Sqdn, flying out of Guam. A/C was Dave Culver. I'm trying to locate my Bombardier, Kenneth C. Taylor.

Name: LtCol William O. Halteman, USAF Ret.     Date Posted: Jul 22, 2004
Comments: I am the younger brother of 2/Lt. Clemence W. Halteman, Jr. 29th BG, 52nd BS, KIA May 11, 1945. My brother was the aircraft commander of B-29 # 42-63571 that crashed immediately after take-off. His was the only body recovered. All other crewmembers were KIA but no bodies were recovered. I have been in contact with Joan Blyth and Bill Willis who have been seeking information about my brother and his flying background. Unfortunately, the "Honor List" I was provided by them shows, incorrectly, his name as "Clarence W. Halteman." This should be corrected asap to read: Clemence W. Halteman, Jr. All other records should be screened for proper spelling. Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Finally, is Andersen AFB, Guam the same field as the former North Field, Guam from which the 29th BG flew? Please advise. William O.Halteman

Name: Ann Henderson Meng Whitehouse     Date Posted: Jul 10, 2004
Comments: My father, Charles Andrew Henderson, was lost on 7 AP 1945 B-29 #42-65350 of the 6th Bomb Squadron. I was born the next month. For him, I am called Andy.

Name: C. Clark     Date Posted: Jun 29, 2004
Comments: Am searching for information regarding air collision accident 06/20/45 Mission #212, 29th BG, B29-#44-69881 crash time: June 20, 1945 Crash position: Shizuoka Abe country South- Warashina village MAKIGAYA valley Shizuoka city area Cause of crash: Midair collision All 12 of B29-#44-69881 29th bg KIA. Searching for info on Arthur J. Morretta, Tailgunner. Thank you for your informative site. God Bless the USA!

Name: Ted Welter     Date Posted: Jun 03, 2004
Comments: Anyone that knows anything about how my Uncle George R. (Bob) Loughborough died, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a note. My Mom, his younger sister does not have a lot of details, and I would really like to help her find out more. We understand his plane was lost at sea, he died on March 10, 1945. Thank you, Ted Welter

Name: Edward Woll, Jr.     Date Posted: May 13, 2004
Comments: SSGT David Woll was my uncle,whom I had never met.

Name: David J. Kreitz     Date Posted: Apr 23, 2004
Comments: My father, James C. Kreitz, was the navigator on the City of Williamsport.

Name: Leo Parker     Date Posted: Apr 20, 2004
Comments: 6th Squadrant 29th Bomb Group 314th Wing 20th Airforce Airplane Engine Mechanic 747 Served from 1/26/1943 - 3/1/1946

Name: Joseph Kubik     Date Posted: Apr 15, 2004
Comments: Great site, keep the info coming in, My great uncle(grandfather's cousin)was John Puglisi of the 43rd, went down 10 Mar 1945 over Tokyo

Name: Todd Swanhart     Date Posted: Apr 06, 2004
Comments: I am a Pilot at the 6th Air Refueling Squadron at Travis AFB. My squadron carries the name of the original 6th Bombardment Squadron and I am doing some historical work. If any one is a member of that squadron please contact me.

Name: Ted E. Luke     Date Posted: Mar 22, 2004
Comments: This post has been entered by my son, Scott Luke, 52 years old living in Northern Calif. I will be using his email address for correspondence. I was a co-pilot, 2nd the 6th squadron who was a replacement crew landing on Guam shortly after the first A bomb had been dropped. When assigned to a officers quarters, Lloyd Lee made room for my stuff upon my arrival. After the war was over, Lloyd and I traveled home to Oakland CA on a troop ship. Upon arriving in Oakland, Lloyd's fiance meet him. Frances Jean had brought along her best friend, Coriene Pfaeffle. Well, Coriene turned out to be my wife of 51 years and mother of our 2 kids, Scott and Nancy. Coriene passed away on Dec. 30, 1999. I am currently living Southern California and have attended all but the last of our reunions. I would love to hear from any of you from our past. Please email your letters to my son's email and he will get me the print-outs. I will reply. I look forward to hearing from you. Ted Luke originally from Mulberry KS.

Name: Laurie Miller     Date Posted: Mar 17, 2004
Comments: I am Al Miller's neice. I just found out about this site. I never met Al but have always heard about his heroic life and mysterious passing.

Name: Ellen Miller Meeker     Date Posted: Mar 10, 2004
Comments: My mother, Theresa A. (Mueller) Miller from Cincinnati, is the sister of Al Mueller. He was in the 6th Squadron on the plane that went down in January 1945 on their way to Puerto Rico.

Name: Tracy Stuckey     Date Posted: Mar 04, 2004
Comments: I am seeking information on B-29 A/C named Hercules Pettis.He was father of my nephew's wife.Daughter,Stephanie, thinks he flew out of Tinenan or guam. I would like to build model of his B-29, If anyone knows of Hercules,his BG,Sqdn.or best of all photo of plane,color scheme,and nose art. Any help or advice is appreciated. Tracy

Name: Scott Whiting     Date Posted: Feb 29, 2004
Comments: I am trying to locate information about my father, who I believe was stationed on Guam as part of the 20th AF, and possibly the 29thBG. His name was SSGT Robert Whiting

Name: Glenn King     Date Posted: Feb 26, 2004
Comments: Hank Youngquist Crewmembers. We are still trying to locate some of our fellow crewmembers from training at McDill, assignment with the 73rd Bomb Wing on Saipan in 1945, and later as a replacement crew with the 29th Bomb Group on Guam. Hank and I have located most of the crew members but would like to hear from any others not yet contacted by us. Percy (Glenn) King, Director, 29th BG, 931/924-2845, PO Box 282, Monteagle, TN 37356, or at the above e-mail address.

Name: GEORGE H. LOUGHBOROUGH     Date Posted: Feb 22, 2004

Name: John Minck     Date Posted: Feb 15, 2004
Comments: I worked with one of your pilots, Ross Snyder at Hewlett Packard for decades and now almost 20 years into his retirement, I just found out that he flew many missions and earned significant air medals. He was such a mild mannered man, and such a wordsmith in his PR work at HP, that I NEVER would have considered him a WWII war hero. I was 15 at the time and am a WWII junkie. Kudos and congrats to all.

Name: garrett p smith     Date Posted: Jan 26, 2004
Comments: Excellent website -- sorry I was not able to attend last reunion -- best to Fred and Joe -- Garry Smith

Name: Jack Priest     Date Posted: Jan 23, 2004
Comments: Gracious thanks to all of you courageous men for your efforts to win and maintain peace in the world. Thank you for allowing me to attend your Gettysburg reunion. I was overwhelmed and proud to be able to meet you and talk with you.

Name: Kathleen Young     Date Posted: Jan 23, 2004
Comments: You have a terrific web site and a most prestigious history! We host many military reunions and are hoping to host the 29th Bomb Group in New Orleans!

Name: Ellis E. Jones, Jr.     Date Posted: Jan 21, 2004
Comments: My father was in the 29th.

Name: Ronald R. Oliver     Date Posted: Jan 21, 2004
Comments: Great newsletter and great site. Thank You, Ron

Name: Raymond A. Stevens     Date Posted: Jan 21, 2004
Comments: Thanks for the USA Today article.

Name: Harold D Lang     Date Posted: Jan 10, 2004
Comments: I have mail controls on my computer and will be glad to add your address to my approved list if you drop me a card at 12816 N Mimosa Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-3922. Phone 480-836-1098. I was in Squadron 6 of 29th BG

Name: Pam McGrath     Date Posted: Jan 08, 2004
Comments: Thanks for your site. Edward Coughlan is my uncle. Proud of him always.

Name: Beverly Johnson     Date Posted: Jan 06, 2004
Comments: Hi Uncle Ced, I wanted to let you know that I read the article that was on the front page of USA Today about the B-29 Bomb Group Reunion. AWESOME :)

Name: Leroy (Roy) Davis     Date Posted: Dec 06, 2003
Comments: I flew in the 43rd bomb squadron, 29th bomb group, as a radio operator on the Jolly Bette, serial number 293918. My airplane commander was named Jolink and my pilot's name was Kentner. I would like to contact any of my crew members.

Name: WILLIAM SHUMATE     Date Posted: Nov 20, 2003
Comments: I am the nephew of Captain James Shumate who,s plane was lost on augest 8th 1945.The B29 was the city of Phoenix.

Name: Allan Pawlikowski     Date Posted: Nov 18, 2003
Comments: Thanks to all who attended the reunion in Gettysburg. It was an honor for my wife, Marti and I to be a part of the committee that planned and hosted the reunion. It was heartwarming to see so many friends and family members help to recognize the veterans of the 29th Bomb Group, both living and dead. We hope to see you all in New Orleans in 2005.

Name: Erik R. Holand     Date Posted: Nov 18, 2003
Comments: My grandfather, Lt.Col. Erling I. Holand flew with the 29th. I am very proud of him, and all the brave men of the 29th Bomb group.

Name: Steve LeMay     Date Posted: Nov 15, 2003
Comments: I read the Nov article in USA Today - very impressed. Since 1995, I have been a flying crew member on the CAF's B-29, FiFi. I take a great amount of pride in teaching the history of the B-29's. I would enjoy hearing from some of you.

Name: Josef R. Smith     Date Posted: Nov 13, 2003
Comments: Interested in contacting Carolou Fritschell Nelsen mentioned in the USA Today article.

Name: Tiffany Cochran     Date Posted: Nov 12, 2003
Comments: HELLO poppop this is your grand daughter im soo proud of you for doing this you are making a big difference keep it up love Tiffany

Name: Chris Cochran     Date Posted: Nov 12, 2003
Comments: Great site. I have it bookmarked.

Name: Lt Col Dean F. Matcheck     Date Posted: Nov 12, 2003
Comments: The 43rd Bombardment Squadron is alive and well in the form of the 43rd Flying Training Squadron at Columbus AFB, MS! We are extremely interested in any liaison/contact with members of the 43rd Bomb Squadron. Please contact Lt Col Matcheck (662) 434-3075 or Maj Jerry L. Toms (662) 434-3087 We have already contacted the President of the 29th Bomb Group Assoc. Mr. Robertson and would appreciate any contacts.

Name: David Cochran     Date Posted: Nov 12, 2003
Comments: Hi PP, congrats on your reunion. I am very proud of you and your achievements. This website is wonderful too!! Love you.

Name: Elissa Cochran     Date Posted: Nov 12, 2003
Comments: Love the opening screen photo of B29s over Japan. Love, Elissa

Name: Cynthia Chovelak     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: What a wonderful article in USA Today on the 29th Bomb Group reunion in Gettysburg, PA! My dad is Joe Chovelak, radioman on a B-29 and now historian for the 29th Bomb Group. Thanks Dad for your many years of hard work compiling all the documents for the CD about the 29th BG and for making it possible for family members to learn more about their loved ones who were lost in the war. I'm very proud of you for serving our country and for wanting to preserve a part of our nation's history!

Name: Robert D. Norris     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: I was in Korea.....1955-1958 with the 508th ASA group at Camp Spade, in Yung Dung Po, South Korea. This is a very nice, informative website. I enjoyed it very much.

Name: Sherry Baird-Haney     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: Thank you for the insight! Sherry

Name: Carol Bertram     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: I am trying to find out if my father,Lt. Emil P. Bertram, served in the 29th since he was sent to Guam in 1945, working in aircraft maintenance.

Name: Lou     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: My father, Guido, spent a lot of time on Guam as a Seabee.

Name: Roberta Stone     Date Posted: Nov 11, 2003
Comments: My father was Milton Stone, featured in the USAToday article by my sister Andrea.

Name: Tim Geary     Date Posted: Nov 09, 2003
Comments: Hello to all, Just wanted to post a thank you to all the great flyers and brave men I met at the recent reunion in Gettysburg. It was a pleasure and an honor to finally meet you in person. Thanks to Joe and Ben for spending time with me and talking about my uncle's lost plane. To those I owe copies of my book to, I'm working on it and you should have them soon.Thanks to Sue Nass, filmmaker of Bomber Boys, I was stunned to see my uncle Bill pictured twice in the film, it was fantastic! I urge all to attend a reunion, a wonderful experience is the best way to put it. Finally, today on this site I found another family member of one of the men lost on the Puerto Rico flight of Jan 8,1945. Eric Schenker will now know what happened to his great uncle,Henry Schenker,another American hero among the many and all from the 29th. Thanks again, and I WILL see you at the next reunion in New Orleans. Tim Geary. PS. B-29;The Lost Flight of 428 by T.C.Geary is available at in the History/Military category.

Name: Keith Burns     Date Posted: Nov 06, 2003
Comments: I live on Cape Cod and often have breakfast with ex Staff Sergeant and tail gunner Ed Holopainen of the 314th wing

Name: Willis Perry Van Jr     Date Posted: Nov 03, 2003
Comments: My father was an AC in the 43rd BS. Flew aircraft named City of Tampa. Left Tinian @ 1 Aug for Lead Crew School.

Name: Patricia S. Dostalek     Date Posted: Oct 15, 2003
Comments: I am the oldest daughter of Lt. Col.Paul F. Dostalek, deceased 2002. I am happy to have attended the reunion 3 times in the past and am in Pennsylvanis now for the fourth. It is an honor and an education to spend time with you all.

Name: Thomas Loll     Date Posted: Oct 05, 2003
Comments: I am the nephew of Raymond Loll, Pilot of the Fritschel crew B-29 #033. Entire crew was KIA on mission over Tokyo April 14,1945.

Name: Kenneth C Staskon     Date Posted: Sep 30, 2003
Comments: A/C: James L Muller, Pilot: Arthur A Bingham, Nav: Henry W Althaus, Bombardier: Frank D Oravec, Radar Observer: Kenneth C Staskon, Flight Engineer: Carroll S Bardwell, Radio Oper: Glenn T Broadhurst, Cntr Fire Contrl: Boyce L Cresswell, Lft Blister Gunr: Henry C Kolpin, Rt Blister Gunr: Arthur R Mauer, Tail Gunr: William H McKie.

Name: Gail Eckart Pearson     Date Posted: Sep 15, 2003
Comments: Great website. My dad, John Eckart, was a gunner in Crew 374, 6th squadron, 314th Wing of the 20th Air Force.

Name: Karen Everdon     Date Posted: Sep 11, 2003
Comments: Distant cousin to Waldo Carl Everdon, pilot of B-29 bomber of 52nd Bomb Squadron, which went down over Shizuoka, Japan June 19/20, 1945

Name: Eric Schenker     Date Posted: Sep 08, 2003
Comments: My Great Uncle Henry Schenker was on B-29 #428 when it disappeared January 8, 1945

Name: george e sawyer     Date Posted: Sep 07, 2003
Comments: What am I commenting on? Have not been on site yet!

Name: Karen L. Everdon     Date Posted: Sep 06, 2003
Comments: I am trying to determine if Larry Mitchell, who used to be president of the 29th Bomb Group Association, is still alive. An ancestor of mine (a cousin), Waldo Carl Everdon, was, I believe, the pilot of a B-29 of the 52nd squad of the 29th Bomb Group, whose plane collided with another B-29 from the 39th Bomb Group on June 19 or 20th, 1945 during or after a bombing run on the city of Shizuoka, Japan. There were no survivors. Evidently, in 1995, Larry Mitchell, along with some relatives of the crews from the 2 planes, went to Japan for a ceremony. I would like to find out more information about this plane and its crew members, including my ancester Waldo Carl Everdon, and about this incident in Japan. He is on the Michigan Roll of Honor list and is listed as MIA. If anyone knows if Larry Mitchell is still alive and how he can be contacted, I'd appreciate knowing that info or any other info about this incident in 1945.

Name: anna marie mattson     Date Posted: Aug 22, 2003
Comments: My father Arthur Mattson was an airplane mechanic in the 29th Bomb Group. How may I find out which squadron he was in???

Name: Daniel J. Dupre     Date Posted: Aug 19, 2003
Comments: My father was Arthur S. Dupre, Jr., Sergeant, Ground Echelon, 43'rd Squadron. He died in 1966 and I plan to attend the reunion on his behalf. Thanks to Joe Chovelak and all those who have worked to preserve the archive and web site for these fine men.

Name: Smisek     Date Posted: Aug 19, 2003
Comments: This is turning into an even GREATER site! KEEP IT UP. Let's bring the 314th BW all under one roof one year! Cheers from the 330th!

Name: Sue Broadhurst Whitman     Date Posted: Aug 17, 2003
Comments: My dad is Glenn Broadhurst and he flew with Captain James Muller. Dad is still alive and doing well, but will not be able to attend the reunion because of my mother's health. I would like to get in touch with Glenn Creswell as he was named after my father and anyone else whose fathers were on this crew. I am doing a memory book for my dad & would like to include any stories from this crew. I have been in touch with James Muller, Art Mauer and the crew chief, Dan Kelly. I have their stories and would like to share information with anyone that is interested.

Name: Bruce C. Manley, Jr.     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2003
Comments: I am the son of Bruce C. Manley, Sr. who was a tailgunner on the b-29's during WWII. I have lived in Alaska since 1972. Will try to attend reunion in honor of my father. My only brother John Manley also hopes to attend from Alaska.

Name: Joe Chovelak     Date Posted: Aug 12, 2003
Comments: At age 18 I enlisted in the Army Air Force. In 1948 I moved to Chicago, IL and have lived in the area ever since. I worked for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) from 1949 to 1985. I will be in the Memrabelia Room at the reunion. Welcome to our new guestbook!

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