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The Miller Crew


Crew Listing of B-29 Aircraft Tail Number 42-93953
6th Sqdn., 29th BG., 314th Wing, 20th AF., N. Field, Guam, 1944/1945

Number on Plane: 0-15
Original Name on Plane: ?
Any Other Name on Plane: ?
City Name on Plane: ?
Date of Plane Arrival on Guam: ?
MACR: #14364
Accident Report:
> Air Crew < > Original Crew <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS Missions
AC  1Lt  Ralph B Miller  (KIA) 05/05/45 1170497   
2Lt  Joseph H Finkelstein  (KIA) 05/05/45 0-772331   
RO  2Lt  Jack M Berry  (KIA) 06/20/45 2073024   
1Lt  Clyde M Roush  (KIA) 05/05/45 0-755106   
2Lt  Charles C Winder  (KIA) 05/05/45 2079183   
FE  TSgt  William H Chapman  (KIA) 05/05/45 38010206   
ROM  Sgt  Jack V Dengler  (KIA) 06/20/45 16031765   
CFC  Sgt  Albert R Howard  (KIA) 05/05/45 34802325   
LG  Pvt  Merlin R Calvin  (KIA) 07/20/45 37606035   
RG  Cpl  Clark B Bassett, Jr  (KIA) 05/05/45 12238523   
TG  Cpl  Irving A Corliss  () 06/20/45 31376497   
Number of Combat Missions Completed with this crew: 1

> Passengers <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS Missions
No Passengers

> Ground Crew <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS
No Ground Crew Members entered
Status As of Date Shown: (C) Living; (D) Deceased; (U) Unknown; (KIA) Killed in Action; (KIT) Killed in Training


AC Ralph Miller was original pilot on Shumate Crew
Mission to Tachiarai, downed by fighters, 4 parachutes seen


DOC 5-0201, 5-0202, 5-0328
G/O 12 20-Aug-1945

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