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The Johnson Crew


Crew Listing of B-29 Aircraft Tail Number 44-69691
43rd Sqdn., 29th BG., 314th Wing, 20th AF., N. Field, Guam, 1944/1945

Number on Plane: 0-28
Original Name on Plane: Tiny Tim
Any Other Name on Plane: Dam-Fi-No
City Name on Plane: ?
Date of Plane Arrival on Guam: Feb 1945
MACR: #12967
Accident Report:
> Air Crew < > Original Crew <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS Missions
AC  1Lt  Warren F Johnson  (KIA) 03/10/45 0-797548   
2Lt  George R Loughborough  (KIA) 03/10/45 0-779913   
RO  2Lt  John T Puglisi  (KIA) 03/10/45 0-2056294   
2Lt  John W Cross, Jr.  (KIA) 03/10/45 0-783107   
2Lt  Edward J O'Conner  (KIA) 03/10/45 Unknown   
FE  Cpl  Wendell R Vance  (KIA) 03/10/45 3-5544100   
ROM  SSgt  David Woll  (KIA) 03/10/45 31133904   
CFC  Cpl  Rex M Fifield  (KIA) 03/10/45 35902512   
LG  Cpl  Spencer Mason  (KIA) 03/10/45 33834470   
RG  Cpl  John J Mullin  (KIA) 03/10/45 31003919   
TG  Cpl  David J Shaner  (KIA) 03/10/45 3371041   
Number of Combat Missions Completed with this crew: 0

> Passengers <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS Missions
No Passengers

> Ground Crew <
POS Rank Name Status Serial # MOS
CC  MSGT  Joseph Lockevich    1-3047806   
ACC  TSGT  Lewis Norris    2-00319735   
GC  SSGT  Leslie Wagner    1-5070142   
GC  SSGT  Eddie Stamper    3-4629749   
GC  CPL  Thomas Chiavaras    3-6593201   
No Ground Crew Members entered
Status As of Date Shown: (C) Living; (D) Deceased; (U) Unknown; (KIA) Killed in Action; (KIT) Killed in Training


Crew #43-03
Plane lost during Incendiary Raid on Tokyo Japan. 1 person possibly parachute from plane.Plane recovered: Minamisuna-cho, Joto-Ku, Tokyo, in 3 feet of water.


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